New unity setup, motors lack speed on test

Excited to get my board running and just setup the unity and got the wheels spinning for the first time.

My motors spin up really fast then sag down to 5 km/hr at full throttle. First time setup and not sure of I have the configuration correct, appreciate help!

I have 2 torque boards 190kv 6355 motors, unity, and an 11s3p Samsung 30q pack. Here are my settings after the initial setup:

I checked w a multimeter and my battery is putting out 34.1v which doesn’t change when hitting the throttle


Have you done the remote calibration?

Is everything charged up (remote and board)?

Does the HUD tab show your motors getting signal and reflecting the speed you would be going?

Try this then head to the unity support thread

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Uh 11s and it reads 34v… Your cells are @ 3.0-3.1v so im willing to bet your hitting cutoffs. Charge your battery and try again


I just figured out. My voltage was just below the cutoff level automatically specified by having an 11 cell battery.

OK, so given my setup, what should those cutoff values be?

Also, what should I charge this pack to! 3.6v x 11 = 39.6?

46.2v is max charge for 11s. Id put cut offs @ 38/36v. Thats me though. I tend not to run cells below 3.5v. Peraonal reasons.

A fully charge cell holds 4.2v. So 11s x 4.2v = 46.2v

it seems like your battery is finished… you hit cut off voltage

Thanks guys.

Batteries are brand new and have been sitting around for months while I build. I’ll charge them up and go from there.

What about the max discharge and regen?

Mostly flat riding or hilly?

Mostly flat here in London but a few light hills. Nothing super steep

40a. If you find yourself struggling with those little hills, up it to 50a. Keep uping till you dont struggle with those hills.

Ok so 40 on each?

20a on each. Combinded 40a.

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It’s a 3p, 60A continuous/2 = 30A

for the unity he puts in 40a, cause it combines the current of 2 esc’s

I was asking 40a on each i.e. Discharge and regen

Discharge 40a

Regen -11a or some shit. Might want to ask around for that. I may be wrong.

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Ok thanks…