New unused items form EU group buy

Hello peeps , any interest in new items from last EU group buy? Because of the guy who organised this GB it took to long to get the items , more than 4 months… In the mean time i lost my job so im not doing the build… Im willing to sell all items i got for the same price as i paid for. On the base price of the items we all paid extra 10-15% for the shipping (this is where the group buy organiser fcked up) I have: 90MM Flywheels Set - base price 29 eur - end price 32 eur Trucks caliber clones - base price 25 eur - end price 28 eur Motor mount - base price 22 eur - end price 24 eur Pulley kit 16-36 pulleys with 3D printed retainer ring ( the original one from china was crap so i paid extra to get good 3D printed one) - base price 35 eur - end price 38 eur Slight discount is possible if someone buys everything at once. Im located in Serbia , shipping only to Europe , buyer pays shipping Here are some pictures of the items

Feel free to ask anything

`Hey) how wide are the trucks? and how much would you take for shipping to Russia?

Replayed on ur PM. Btw for everyone interested. EMS shipping is possible worldwide Most of the europe shipping prices are: 1kg 20.5 eur , 2kg 24.5 eur , 3kg 28 eur , 4kg 31 eur and so on… There is also cheaper air/ground mail shipping but then you dont get tracking number (or u do? im not sure) For most of the EU 1kg 16.5 eur 2kg 18 eur , 5kg 20 eur etc

Hey @ToMiCcc.

Is the motor mount 3d printed?

No, its done in anodised aluminium)

Does it fit caliber clones and 6374 motor? If does, how much for shipping to Portugal?

Yes it fits, trucks that im selling are also caliber clones. Motor should fit to since everyone in this GB got some 63xx motors to. Shipping to Portugal : Air mail (valued letter) 200gr = 6.5 eur

Sent you a PM.

Is all this still available? I might be interested in buying all