New user, advice needed!

Hello guys, I would like to build my own skate and even thought I read most of the topics related to my objectives, I still need some help.

I’m about 5’5’’ and 120lbs, I would like to get up to about 25mph. Here is where I am ;

  • The use of 12s batteries. ( 4x3s Zippy 5000mah, is there something best ?)

  • A single VESC.

  • Psychotiller’s mini thumb stick controller.

  • The famous Orangatang wheels.

  • What deck should I take considering I prefer to have a easy to carry but still stable because of the speed. Is a deck somewhere between 34 to 36 inches, or even less, OK ?

  • A single motor but wich one ? I would go for the SK3 6374 192kv, what kv do you recommand ? I also saw DIY and enertion’s motors are they really worth it ? Should I consider one of those or another motor (alien,…) ?

  • What gearing would be adequate to what kv ?

And so, depending on the motor, a single motor mount + caliber II trucks ?

Well thanks again for reading, every advice is really important to me, say what you think will help me !

Start here buddy if you haven’t seen it

Calculate here

You could go with DIY electric skateboard lithium ion battery if you want it to be thinner. If you want it to be higher but less space taking, use 3x 4s batteries.

Decks are personal preference … The only worng deck is a deck that is too small to fit your electronics.

The shorter the decks, the more agile…Larger decks provide more stability…more to do with truck spacing than anything else …

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@Michaelinvegas has experience with very long decks. lol

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@Michaelinvegas Yep, I have already read this and made some tests, it was quite useful. I was thinking about going for a SK3 192kv and a 15/16 x36 drivetrain but will I have enough torque ?

@lox897 I find the DIY battery pack too expensive and it’s only 10s. I’ll consider the 3x 4s batteries, dependeing on the weight + they will be easier to charge.

I think I’ll go with either one of these two decks:

And so do you have personnal preferences about the motors ? Thank you guys.

Oh yeah it will have enough Vroom vroom

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Alright guys, so I think this will be the final build, tell me if I am missing something, doing something wrong or if there is something better please.

MOTOR --> SK3 192kV 90$ ESC --> VESC from Ollin [4mm bullet connector + antispark + Xt-90] 175$ BATTERY --> 12s4c made of Zippy 3s 5Ah 100$ REMOTE --> Psychotiller’s stick controller 50$ DECK --> eBay Deck / Dustin Mini Maestro 100$ TRUCKS --> Enertion’s trucks 60$ MOTOR MOUNT --> Enertion’ Single Motor mount 60$ DRIVE TRAIN–> 15x36 Enertion’s 12mm kit 40$ WHEELS --> ABEC Flywheels 83mm 60$

Thanks for you time again guys.

You’ll need to make a little modification on calibers using enertions mount, you can use diy’s mount or enertions trucks if you want it to work with no modification

Just make sure that the deck you pick will clear your wheels. Without big ass risers.

I might look at one of the symmetrical boards similar to loaded vanguard. There are some decent clones out there.

At 120lbs flex shouldn’t be a huge issue, but it’s always good to allow for flex if it wants to flex. I separate the batteries forward just behind the front truck, and ESC in the back. Leaving the center to flex and if you go over bump/curb not hit electronics.

@Luke Well thanks for your tips, I’ll go for enertion’s trucks, drive train and motor mount so. But are you sure I wont have to mod them ? ( I prefer to ask twice, sorry xD).

@sl33Py Those decks seems perfect and are really cheap but I’m in EU and I find them a bit too long. Yet I’ll think about it.

I will be ordering the parts tomorrow, it’s now or never to talk about my mistakes guys ! [I will edit my previous post]

No worries, have a look at how Jason puts it together here.

No mod needed on the trucks. If you get an SK3 motor you may need to file down the metal rod that comes out of it down, I’ve heard of some people needing to do that, just double check that.

Oh yeah thanks a lot @Luke so I’ll have to hand file that motor rod. I think I can do that.

I would like to know guys, because of the 12s I need to go for XT-90 and an anti-spark wich is already included in ollin’s VESC, so I won’t have to worry about that, right ? Also, how do I put 4 batteries in series in order to create a 12s from 3s ? Are there some specific harnesses or will i have to make one myself from like 4 XT60 female to 1 XT90 male ?

Small update : all parts are ordered but the deck.

I’m still looking for a deck 36inch max and about 100$, if possible in europe, I’ll be happy to read your suggestions :slight_smile:

@link5505 That website is awesome, if you have soem others I’ll be happy to visit them. I will take the brick V2 or a similar one. thanks again