Looks like we’ve got another V6 maker other than Flipsky. Full transparency, here’s the pricing they have.sent…assuming some of the BOM is replaced with cheaper components but they haven’t provided an further pictures to confirm from a glance.

120usd/pcs based on 1-4pcs 10pcs110usd/pcs

Also this just an informative post for those wondering about price without having to reach out and wait a week. :slight_smile:



Do they have a website? What’s the companies name?

Simply found on alibaba, I have an agent in China who spoke to them directly also to confirm pricing. :slight_smile:

Always be mindful of quality though, BOM I’m pretty sure different, flipsky is great example of how it can be made with cheaper parts… Waiting for list of BOM from them and more pictures of the pcb

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Well it certainly looks nicer than flipsky’s. The case isn’t way over sized, lol. Very interested to see how these perform. 4WD has always been just too expensive to build, mainly because of the ESC’s, but this would really help! Now if only gear drives weren’t so expensive… Once those are about the same cost as a good satellite setup a 4WD build wouldn’t cost too much extra, aside from maybe more batteries, but those are getting better and cheaper too.

Also, I just remembered that the flipsky HW6 bulk price was like $124, so this could be very similar to theirs components wise.


So you can run a dual setup off one speed control with this?

I like how they call it “FRC vesc 6” so there is no doubt that it’s from another company but still easy to spot that it’s a vesc6. @trampa is prolly going to rip his hair out tho :smile:


Lol, look at product page video :smiley: It’s 3d printed remote from our forum :smiley:


Thanks, was at work. Hard to link. :slight_smile:

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Yep noticed that too



Useless post of the year… I like It or not… I am not sure… Depends on feedback

“Base on vesc6” ingenious :joy:

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Oh, freerchobby. Last I got a sample VESC from them, it was a dodgy bit of kit. I’ll wait for the sample units to be throughly beat on before I install it on any of my own boards.


I also have a similar expirence with the VESC 4.12’s. I wouldn’t put over $100 in these without knowing they can make it properly. This company is notorious for cutting corners

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Agreed, get an ESCape if you can (I’m trying to), if not the FlipSky FSESC6.6 seems to be good quality for a about the same money ($184).

One good thing that came of Benjamin not releasing his design files (only schematic) is that companies have to do some actual engineering!

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Great Point! Definitely get an Escape if you can, totally solid. Now the, flipsky I think was in same trial and error phase as I would say this one seems to be, I mean now that it popped up. Not entirely 100 % convinced on those flipsky yet either… Time will tell though . I have a feeling these and other v6 versions may be a little less needed when that unity focbox comes out. :slight_smile: If the hype is real…

judged by the look of it , it’s actually not bad, but can it really do 13s though? also they wrote on the description that the model number is VESC 6 :joy: really ?:sweat_smile:

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someone should buy, test it and then start a group buy. $85 is not bad.

Flipsky has research and design team , both with almost 10years experience. Now they’re ready to release dual ESC in one single PCB base on VESC6.6, They definitely don’t do just copy job. And all the materials used are authentic, which has some comparision pictures in their official web. DUAL%20ESC6%20PCB


I’m an happy flipsky buyer. Also guys don’t forget that till the 30 you have 20% off