New Versa Pulley stockist in UK

I was looking around to see if there were any resellers to help bring the price down and found Rapid Online now sell them, and their shipping is half the price of Vex Robotics shipping. They also happened to have the pricing wrong for a couple days which has sadly been fixed so it’s now the same price per unit as Vex, but not before I got an order in :smiley: It says on Backorder but I ordered on Wednesday at 13:05 and received them today so I wouldn’t trust that. I ordered a pair of 42T to go with a Trampa Gummies Superstar wheels.




If you still need it


Well spotted! I’ve got a spare 42 if anyone wants it…

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Awesome thank you

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This is Vex’s busy season for the next couple months so you might have just gotten lucky with shipping/backorder