New vesc enertion

i have the pro 3 battery from enertion. i dont want the vesc from enertion what oder vesc is compeble with this battery

Any vesc :slight_smile: But to reduce shipping, etc. I would definitely go for the Vesc-x. It’s the best vesc out there atm.


oke thanks for the advice. i askt because the shipping from enertion to the Netherlands take a very long time, when i order from hobby king i have my parchel in four days

if your in europe i think axle sell good VESC’s


Enertion has a Europe warehouse in Belgium. Fast shipping @onloop

my i ask what experience do you have with supplying from Enertion to the Netherlands?

None I always buy my stuff using @ajaynagra his group buys. Way cheaper

that is only for the battery. i ordert battery 7 days ago, but no battery at this moment

Hello Mark,

Can we write in Dutch?. Ajaynagra they no longer have the vesx-x

can you tell me the different between this vesc-x and an oder vesc. what vesc will you advice my then?( mayby Hobby King )

greetz from Ype

Ga toch voor een gewone vesc. In Europa is het wat lastig om die te vinden, wat is je budget?

Just go for a vesc. In Europe its quite tricky to find a cheap vesc. What’s your budget?

edit: check @warman

If you’re referring to the group buy , then they have VESC 4.12. Enertion is the only one that offers a “VESC-X”, which is their trade name for the VESC 4.12 but with slightly different components.