New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now

I just have found it on Alibaba. Seems like FREERCHOBBY also started making Vescs. So for all chinese fans there is something new to try :slight_smile:


It IS a 1 on 1 copy of the VESC but without the USB port on it and a receiver lead soldered onto it. Damn those copycats ! :mask:

edit: Looks like --> IS

It doesn’t just look like VESC, it IS a VESC!

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IF vesc’s start costing close to that wholesale number… (60$ or so.) I think I might be jumping in for one quickly (if the quality and reviews are not terrible)

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Strange thing: a lot of people wanting to buy the cheapest VESC possible regardless whether they are safe to drive or not. Fake components might not fail initially, but the can still fail after some hundred miles.

So, on one hand wearing helmets, caring about personal safety and on the other hand not caring about the heart of your ebord which could make you SYF is sort of weird.


It is simple psychology: Nobody buys a product with the intention it will fail. So the price of a VESC is only being compared to other manufacturers regardless any quality differences (it is ultimately the same product). Also there is no statistical data telling us that the cheap chinese ones are any worse than the ones you have right now. So you can’t be sure about the SYF thing.

However I am on your side and do believe that it is a crucial part of any longboard and should not be taken too lightly. Time will tell how good the chinese VESCs actually are.


I had some experiences with Chinese ESCs for some time and also with the first batch of Enertion VESCs a year ago (made by Flier, not a small Chinese company either). But we will see, VESC is not a plug and play device.

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that hub motor looks familiar.

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I believe that’s the manufacturer of Tacon motors. When I was in talks with XYH about getting motors made similar to Tacon 160, the invoice I received was a freerchobby invoice.

God damn cut rate chobby shops!

Have any Chinese, mass produced VESC’s had a decent, successful run, from any vendors yet?

Well, really, anyone who is not Vedder is copy cat.


What about this one?

These are real pretty

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Ok, after reading for quite a while the other post about maytech vescs… I got to the point…

If it is 20$ or so cheaper, does not offer warranty / assurance it works… then this is quite a risky deal,… better go with what you know and are confident in… especially if you can get from the same country as yours.

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Flier is a small Chinese company

I really think those aluminum cases look nice, not being an ass. I’d buy them if I had experience with alibaba, but I don’t and I dont want to wait 1 month to find out.

You got me in full agreement here. We should be attempting to build the finest quality first. Performance is not just for fun. It’s a safety thing. When you are cruising down the road at speed, you need to trust your machine to perform as expected. Otherwise, you are gambling with fate. LOL Just recently I did a fuel injector replacement on a Toyota. The person purchased injectors off of ebay $169 for six, WOW. I installed them to spec and a week later there were all kinds of wonky problems and it threw misfire codes again!! So I got accused of doing a faulty install and yelled at. They looked EXACTLY like the OEM injectors. Even said, “ASRAM” on them. I removed the injectors and replaced them with legit OEM purchased from Autozone $435. BAM problem solved. I will never use cheap parts ever again. If a customer or friend wants me to install cheap parts, they can take a walk… Moral of story is, “You really get what you pay for”. Buy VESC from respectable vendors and support this craft in a responsible way. These cheap parts that are only beginning to hit the market are going to do 2 negative things to our craft.

  1. Create a bad reputation for the VESC with failures and really an inadequate service and warranty program. Learn from the lessons Enertion and DIYelectricskateboards have taught us. Shit VESCs suck. Unless you can replace a DRV8302 effectively, you are definitely going to want to have some support. I’ve been waiting since FEB 14, for my DIY order. WTF right? The VESC got shipped to DIY with the wrong capacitor. OOps…DUhhhh…I think last time it was the wrong USB port…What next, the Mosfets were replaced with jelly beans to save cost. LOL Does anyone see a pattern forming? Why would things be any different with these other Chinese VESC? Think about it…

  2. Takes $$$ in sales away from the boutique quality builders that have been making this scene hot in the first place. It’s not some kind of charity. These guys are working hard and smart to bring us the “Right” stuff. So now because it’s cheaper people are getting suckered in? If you can’t afford the extra $$ to buy from a good vendor, then maybe ESK8 is not practical for you as a hobby. Some things just cost what they cost. To all who intend on taking the chance at these new entries into the VESC arena…Good luck…Seriously… Rant…complete…LOL


Isn’t it “OSRAM”? Sounds like your poor friend got ASsRAMmed, and got exactly what he paid for. Lol.

Seriously though, it’s kind of amazing (and sad) to see all the things that have actually gone wrong with mass VESC production even under the watch of our ESk8 vendors who are doing their best to get a quality and correctly built product.

We should really be working on a @chaka cloning machine, and not betting our hard earned pennies playing cheap Chinese roulette with our faces.


Lol Chaka is the man! I wonder if he sleeps.


I feel like no matter how cheap they get commercially, I’ll always want to buy from chaka. It’s like getting into high-end fashion

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