New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now

Of course, easy fix. There will be plenty of people who will purchase this and be unaware of the issue. Imagine what could happen to them if their vesc starts malfunctioning during a ride.

SK3 6354 260kv motor(hobbyking) / gullwing sidewinder 10inch truck / motor mount parts - contact @LunarKim in korea. (I’m nothing with him, only a buyer)/ The wheels shown in the picture are a 97mm Chinese-made wheels, they are not so good, but cheap. Now I use 107mm ABEC fly wheels, Very good. / 6s5p LG - HG2 18650 battery / VESC setting : motor 50A -50A, battery 40A - 10A /

Where can we pre-order these?

From me, can order Esc6 without alumnium case now, but with case after 20 May.

Esc6 without alumnium case, whats the money number ?

Mosfets looks really sketchy for even 60A load…

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I think these are the specs on that MOSFET:

Someone explain this in layman terms :sweat_smile:

If I read that data sheet correctly, it means FET’s are rates for 150A at 25C and 120A at 100C. But they also dissipate 110 W power at 150A, as far as I know thats a lot of heat and needs a beefy heatsink, maybe even a fan. But I doubt anyone would need 150A from a single VESC. At 100A power dissipated in only 50W which is not that bad. So a good heatsink paired with this ESC should be able do 100A continuous.

Website says 180$ - quite high for an unproven design from a Chinese seller IMO.

Well I had a long discussion with Barbie Zhang from FlipSky last night and have some interesting news to share.

First I’ll post the pictures she sent. These are of their VESC 6 in a model plastic case, which will be a waterproof aluminum one when released, and they should have pictures of that by May 20th.

This last pic is what looks like a rendering of what the aluminum one will be.

I’m a bit confused about the dimensions of the case. I was told it is 100mm x 92mm, which given the size the ESC that seems rather large in comparison. Regardless, that’s the info thus far.

I sure hope someone who’s good at testing these is able to get a hold of one so we can know if they’re reliable or not. They said they’ve been running beta testing since the beginning of April. These tests include: continuous current, continuous peak, current peak, temperature rise, etc… Well that’s all the news I have regarding this, hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Is that a Micro or Mini USB port? Wonder how they’re planning on labeling the ports when they’re mussed together like that

Yeah I’m a bit confused too. Also with the power button being on the case, I want to know if we can move that or will the enclosure need to be opened to turn it on… I guess one could leave then in the on position and have a on /off switch further up the line like normal power buttons.

I am bigger in question is how you get motor sensor, can, ppm, uart out of this “waterproof” case :smiley:

looks to be micro

Still cheaper to handsolder the real deal :wink:

P.S. From technical perspective those mosfets are not even good for 60A focbox/vesc6 uses direct fet which are rated for over 300A ea and still struggle at 60A currents, this is 150A capacity so it means at 100A they will be burning open fire so maximum is like 60A not even constant cause the case is really bad at dissipating heat. Chinease ESC uses those mosfets but like in 5-6 in parallel for 80A currents :smiley:

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Oh, damnit. I knew it seemed to good to be true, lol…

This 20A ESC


For those who actually can hand solder one of these things… I can’t :sob: