New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now

If you get the Enertion one you’ll want to get platinum which comes out to about the same as chakas. You can go cheap and get it without the platinum, but I’ve seen a lot of blown drvs on VESCs. DIY may be a good option as well though I’m not sure how his warranty is for VESCs.

If it your first build… VESC are not plug and play, and you need to be careful with it… And I strongly suggest if you go with enertion to get the platinum

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Lol yea, it’s not my first build, I know all about Vesc, just didn’t know who supplied the best ones.

This might help

Here are some more VESCs, anyone seen/tried these before? Tempted to give them a go.

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I just want to share you guys a bit what’s good quality of PCB assembly. I got one VESC from China and I used microscope to take some photos. You can see the comparison between Taiwan made VESC and China made VESC.


While the Vanda one does look better from the photos, aren’t the 3rd and 4th legs and 6th and 7th legs on the DRV in the last photo supposed to be bridged like the picture before it?

Solder bridges will cause a short circuit or it may cause intermediate voltages. Vanda uses IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits) 610 standard for our manufacturing processes. Here are some IPC standard for your reference.


That is not what he asked. According to some information on this forum the pins on the chip are actually supposed to be bridged - this will not cause a short but is desired to happen.

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Correct. Bridged on the pcb. Not in the SMT.


So where do we find your factory made vescs available for sale?

I think some customers who live in eu and other parts outside of usa (where a lot quality made vescs come from now) would be interested to buy it from you if the price still stays decent.

It is not like it says it in her username :wink:

Clever move, Maxid. Well, they were not on the first search result in google anyways… and since they were commenting on the maytech vesc’s would have been great to just give direct link… I assume they / she did not want to make herself public with the link and source of the vesc’s…

Ok, so thanks for pushing me not to wait for link lol :smiley:

What? sure they are:

First ones for me from endless sphere…

Though, wont argue… Got the link now anyways… somewhat cool that they use shopify platform…

I have a Flier VESC sitting in my cabinet. I’m scared to play with it, but i want to.

I had no idea Flier was even making them until it landed in my hands a few weeks ago.


I think the enertion china vescs were made by flier.

Hi guys, I’m not trying to hide :slight_smile: Here is our website

The microscope says it all. We’re not trying to against any companies. I was surprised the results after doing the microscope inspection because our VESC and other company’s VESCs don’t look big different to me from visual inspection.


Cool! Thanks for not directly advertising your VESC’s!

Im sure you will ‘‘earn’’ our trust from this forum, especially with such quality and also the service to add the desired lenght cables and connectors! Thanks for showing comparison of these two Vesc’s. Quality is on a way different level compared to china made, so there’s probably a higher chance for china made vesc’s to die or become faulty.

These look very good indeed. I was trying to order from your site but only FEDEX shipping is available, this makes it rather costly. Can you provide other shipping methods?

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