New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now

@Chaka is PRADA of Vescs, where as Maytech is Wallmart.

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If you buy a Honda because they’re reliable cars and put after market parts in it, at some point, it ceases to be that reliable Honda you bought.

Most of the time, you get what you pay for. There may be someone out there willing to sell you a VESC for less, but while it may look exactly the same, it rarely is. That goes for anything. You can buy Flywheel clones, fake Calibers, knock-off decks, and cheap bearings, but rarely do they stand up to the quality of the real deal. Sometimes having the best quality matters a lot, sometimes it doesn’t. That extra $20 or even $100, you save by going with cheaper parts doesn’t seem like such a good deal when something fails at 25mph.

I totally agree with Ulfberht. May of these boutique builders put a lot of time in making sure their products are of the highest possible quality and flaws and problems still come up. These issues may cause delays and the time it takes to put together higher quality goods may cost more, but what would you rather have? Someone who makes sure that the product you put on your board is up to the highest level of quality control they can offer, or someone who simply wants to make a buck and doesn’t care?


cheap decks are debatable. I got a wonderful 39in off ebay. super stiff and heavy. Best thing I ever bought

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Wow this is a new suspect for test drive.

It’s not really a matter of cheap vs. expensive. It’s more a matter of quality and most of the time (not always), that comes with a price. I bought a higher end Taylor guitar. Build quality, service and many of the parts were sub-par. My cheaper Mexican and Chinese factory made guitars from reputable companies including Taylor, are of much higher quality. So it can work both ways, and while everyone can site exceptions, 9 times out of 10, quality comes in at a higher price.

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Actually the OEM is ASRAM. YES, I know how it sounds…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was a she and yes…I think she felt pretty rammed. Especially when she couldn’t get a refund because the parts had been installed!! I wonder if that will be an issue with Maytech warranty as well? OOps you tried to use it!! SO sorry!! LOL

Hey guys. New to the forum.

I am an Australian Engineer who worked in China for a year in the EV industry. My role was mainly designing firmware and microcontroller boards for a multinational company. I can tell you that if there’s one thing the Chinese have mastered, it is PCB palletisation technology, which means manufacturing electronics exactly like this one.

You’d be surprised of the quality control practises employed by some Chinese companies these days, and I can tell you it is highly unlikely they’re using knock-off MOSFETs or uCs - the most expensive components found in an ESC. If they’re cutting costs, it would mainly be to do with the passive components such as the resistors, caps etc which would pose little to no risk. The greatest factor is the PCB layout, firmware and electronics design. In other words, if the VESC works like a charm in official production then you bet the Chinese can do it almost as well with less than half the price.


@Fundog - Nice to see more qualified people explaining the myth. People sometimes forget everything they make/buy is made in China. PCB’s included…

China is capable of making anything and everything. I wouldn’t underestimate them. Sure, some more than others… but that’s the case for anything.

More so it’s just people choosing the wrong companies to make their PCBs. I gotta admit though these VESCs in some of these photos look horrible.

I think some people fail to realize that Apple Products, Cisco Products are all made in China/Taiwan. Most USA companies outsource to China and sell within the USA as a USA made product. Don’t get fooled thinking that Chinese products are inferior. They make both high quality and low quality.


The problem with China is not the quality of the product, but the quality of the Work, and most of the time they are hard to audit and don’t respect IPC standard. AND don’t mix product from TAIWAN AND CHINA, these two country are really different from production point of view.

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Yes, you are right. China and Taiwan are not the same.

China may have the ability to put out extremely high quality goods, but the level of QC when you buy directly from a Chinese manufacturer is not always par with others and you won’t get much in terms of support.

If you buy directly from China, you may do just fine and get a great quality VESC at a great price. On the other hand, if the VESC you get has any issues, you’re kind of out of luck. Even the VESC’s that are throughly vetted by reputable companies outside of China are subject to the same risks of product variation and failure.

Is there any news on one of these chinese vescs? Did someone order one?


Im in the market for a vesc within the next 5 or so months. Everything in my board is ready to feel the powa of 12S, except my esc…

From everything I have read, Chaka makes some god-tier vesc’s.

Anyone purchase one of these vesc’s from China?

I have a chaka VESC and I’d never purchase from anywhere else given his quality and great service. Warranty is probably the most important thing about the VESC and you won’t find quality service from overseas.

The only one I’ve heard they brought from China was from @makepeace but have not gotten an update

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Yea, I just wish it wasn’t $165 :(( Only because when it comes time to switch I will have to get a 12s BMS (not high amp since mine is bypassed for charging) as well as 2 more 3s batteries and a 12s dc charging brick

Albeit, I am keen to support a hobby that interests me and I prefer to help those who are pioneering good business practices being an owner myself. With that in mind, i’ll probably pick up one from him or one from enertion/likewise.

Regardless, when the time comes we will see what changes to the VESC have come about. Im sure in 5 or more months these things will be cheaper, more reliable/efficient, and have many more functions. Only time will tell I suppose.

Thanks for the suggestion

If you get the Enertion one you’ll want to get platinum which comes out to about the same as chakas. You can go cheap and get it without the platinum, but I’ve seen a lot of blown drvs on VESCs. DIY may be a good option as well though I’m not sure how his warranty is for VESCs.

If it your first build… VESC are not plug and play, and you need to be careful with it… And I strongly suggest if you go with enertion to get the platinum

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Lol yea, it’s not my first build, I know all about Vesc, just didn’t know who supplied the best ones.

This might help