New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now


I appreciate the open communication and that’s very innovative to trace products quality control with a serial number. I am working with the manufacture to get my issue resolved but I will have you in mind for future purchases. I think everyone appreciated the level of detail you focus on providing.

Do you also offer other shipping methods besides Fedex? I heard it can get quite expensive… even if it is reliable…

Hello Austris,

No. we don’t offer other shipping methods. Our FedEx shipping cost is flat rate USD 28.00. Thank you!

Hello Rafael,

You’re very welcome! I’m happy to share the info. We often work with mission critical products for the transportation and electronics industries. Therefore, quality is not negotiable.

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Does the shipping cost stays the same even if 5 vesc’s are ordered? Then it might not be a that bad deal… I assume it is a stock shipping fee for the courier service and the weight is not that limited… especially for a component which weights max 200g… right?

Hello Austris,

The shipping cost is the same if 5 vesc’s are ordered :slight_smile:

100a vesc, 200 burst :joy::joy:


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it is the same hub motor as “Jacob’s” I have 4 of them and they are exactly the same. in my opinion he just re-sold them with his name on it

not to go off topic, but he definitely developed the design from the beginning, and it was the Chinese factories that took his design and reproduced it with no credit and cheaper versions- not the other way around as you suggested.

Anyone tried Vanda VESC and would like to post a review here?

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I bought a vanda VESC, didn’t have time to test it yet. Looks very good at first sight, very professional made


I have a vanda vesc. Going very well, no problems with about 3 full to empty charges. Had problems with another vesc from a different store but the one from vanda is going on without complaints


Hello capfirepants, I’m glad you like our Vanda vesc. Have fun :smile:


Anymore word on these vescs? Any reports good or bad?

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My VESC from Vanda is still going strong - no faults / errors. Seems quite solid so far!


I can confirm that. My Vanda Vesc is still working great. Using it for about half a year now.

But I’m still afraid of using FOC mode though :smile:

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@Karen_Vanda can your vesc use foc?

Hello Hummie,

Yes. it can be used for foc.

What is the difference between the VESC 4.12 and later versions?

Would be great if using FOC is reliable with your VESC. The software always allows to use FOC but it seems not all 4.12 VESCs from other producers are reliable in FOC Mode. Did you make long time tests with FOC?