New VESC user questions

So I got my vesc after riding on a car esc for over 2 years. I really get the hype now and would have bought it in the first place if I knew the difference then.

However I need some help to set it up properly. Only tried it in foc and its so good! However, when I have the board upside down the motor often wont turn. And when on the ground I need to pushstart a bit to get it going. Can I change any settings making it respond better?

Also, my biggest problem is the breaks. Only tried it for short rides. Last night when I got it, breaks where working fine, battery was semi loaded. This morning when I got it fully loaded my breaks wouldnt take more than a second at first. It got better the more I discharged the battery but I feel that I lack in thrust with the breaks now. I understand this is to protect the battery from overcharging but is there anyway to work around it without charging the battery less than 4.35v? I run HV lipos.

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My thoughts exactly when I upgraded from car ESC’s to Vesc’s

About your brake issues, can you take a screen shot from your bldc tool first page so we can see your current and voltage settings.

Lower your batt max to 30A, batt min -15

Max input voltage 57V (this is what is creating your brake issue)

Did like you said but breaks are still cutting of… I will see if its the same problem in bldc mode when I get back from work.

Im curious as well with what adjustment makes brakes stronger! Im a bigger guy and my brakes work but a bit stronger would be great!

Batt min is the brakes, they should be in the range of -10A to -20A

@Slinge post your motor settings again

I thought motor min was the break strength and battery min was how much current charges the battery when breaking. Can you explain the difference? Also bat max and absolute max.

Will post settings after work in 5h.