New Video of Stary

Check out the e longboard ch

I must be very bored. If they can get this off the ground properly and keep developing the hub motor this could be a great prebuilt eboard in next revisions. Like with all these prebuilts I think its so iimportant to get the deck looking right. Dont think it stands out enough.

I remember seeing an older vid of a guy who got his board, it looks to be much more powerful than expected. If it didn’t sound so cheap, have such an awkward remote, and had a swappable battery I think it could easily wipe out Inboard.

Inboard is coming into the game though apparently their starting to ship their first wave of boards.

Meh :neutral_face:

Not really sure what’s up with the geek look…is this a thing? Odd…

Anyway, this dude is super stoked to open the the box

Whats a Starey boad?

Whats a Starey? Good unboxing and instruction vid.

Lol…maybe he’s from the south

They are puting out more marketing stuff. All the swme.

Mmmm that top speed spec of 34km seems higher than what Stary actually have on there website.

Girl on Stary. Not my video but interesting.

by Curiou25s