Newb question about Backfire hub motors

Sorry for the level of newbish question I’m about to ask but…

I’m looking to swap out the hub motors on my current meepo v2p 90mm with the backfire g2s hub motors basically to get the thickest PU sleeves available on the market.

My question is will there be any issues with:

  1. Using the meepo esc with the backfire g2s motors?


  1. Will they fit the meepo shredder trucks?

Mods if this type of question is not allowed please remove.

I don’t think meepo and backfire are compatable. You’re better off replacing the esc for a vesc. You’d be able to pull all potential out of current hubs as well. Then get new hubs.


One of the reasons I was thinking of going this route is because the backfire g2s uses the hobbywing esc and people have swapped out the meepo esc and installed a hobbywing ESC without any issues so I assume backfire motors should also work with a meepo esc right?

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I mean they will work but the meepo esc may be limited from factory. Worst case, you fry the esc and get a vesc lol. Best case, you haul ass lol

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The Backfire hubs are known for vibration issues. Their PU sleeves are without any harder core material and by wearing them out they develop unwanted vibrations. @J0ker3366 VESC suggestion is a good one. I did run hub motors from 3 different makers (Maytech, Meepo, Enertion) and amongst them the hubs you have run with two VESC’s doesn’t fair too bad. If you are looking for a upgrade in ride quality and want to keep the simplicity of hubmotors, look into the Direct Drive offerings by Torqueboards or other vendors. With direct drives you can use full Urethane wheels.


Any chance you want to get rid of your meepo hubs? I’ve got a ‘trashcan’ ready

Just let me know :wink:

Did you ever figure out those koowheel hubs?

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Nah, they’re incompatible with the ownboard esc :frowning:

So meepo hubs should be smack :slight_smile:

How is the vesc holding up? :thinking:

It’s doing its thing lol. Its currently on the shelf for a month now. It’ll get paired with another TB for the sector9 I just told you about.

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Don’t backfire and ownboard use the same hobbywing ESC

aparently not, check my thread on it

al they did was spin up to a certain point, and then… jolt? Idk how to describe it


The main difference I see between koowheel meepo and backfire is that koowheel uses a 97mm hub motor.

There are plenty of people who have used the hobbywing ESC with the 90mm meepo hub motors with nonissue.


I have a pair of 97mm koowheels with a flipsky dual and that shit is amazing. High speed of 30.1 mph with a diyeboard 10s5p