Newbie 4 x 3s 5000 mah

Hi all I am new to all this and are in the process of building my own electric longboard, I wanted to know if it’s possible to charge a configuration of 6s 10000 mah, 2 parallel and 2 in series, in an enclosure, I know I need some sort of bms and the connections will come out of the enclosure which will be screwed down, I was looking at getting a imax b6 charger, any help would be appreciated or diagrams

Hi I am about to upgrade my build to the exact specs you have. You won’t actually need a BMS, but you can get one if you want. A 6S balance charger would also work (imax would be fine).

EDIT: You don’t need both

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You need either the BMS or iMax B6 balance charger. With BMS you can use any charger suitable for 6S (25.2V charger), that will have no screen or settings and look more like a standard laptop charger. In this case BMS will do the math for you and take the right amount of charge that is needed for the battery. As the charger will have no screen or LED, you will also probably need the battery charge level indicator (something like this:

With iMax B6 it is in a way easier, because you will be able to charge your battry pack from the box and see on the screen, how it is charging. The drawback of this method is, that you will need to configure the way, you need to charge in the imax settings every time, so it is not 100% plug and play solution. iMax B6 also has a screen, so you will know, how is your battery doing during the charging process, if interested.

If you are willing to spend a little extra money you can also get a charger from a local hobby shop (I got one for around $50 I think). It has a few more features than the iMax (fan, miliohm reader), and just generally feels safer. Just a thought.

So on the charger, with the 2 5000 mah batteries, will it show 10000

That’s not something it will show. It measures voltage

So will I need 2 into 1 leads for the balancing leads in series then 2 3s to 6s

that will work. There’s more than one way to do it. As long as you wire 2 sets of batteries in series and those sets in parallel. Doesn’t matter which order you set it up

So is this ok

I think your’s is right too. It is just confusing me so I drew one too real quick

So with the balancing leads, not sure were to go from here

Then when you charge, plug power connector in and balance leads into 6s, job done

make sure you do

make sure the battery that does the positive lead has 1, 2, 3, 4 on balance. and the battery that does the negative lead has 4, 5, 6, 7, on balance.

if you do it wrong you will break your charger

You can get a turnigy harness on HK. That makes two 3S lipo into one 6S, so its easier to charge.

Can you just put all the batteries in parallel and charge them all at once? I heard that in parallel the voltage from each battery balance each other out. I MIGHT be wrong.

You are correct. But that would be extra work. It’s easier to wire them in series and forget about it.