Newbie build, first post. Thoughts?

Hello the builders, this is my first ever post after lurking for a few months and building my own board. This forum has been, and continues to be, immensely helpful. Almost every question i’ve had has been answered somewhere on here. Anyways, here’s the specs of my build and a few (not very detailed) pictures.

Total cost was around 950. I think this is a pretty good, reliable combo for those who needs lots of hill climbing power, and dont need that much range. i.e. those on hilly college campuses. Man. Looking back through all this, I wish I had waited a few days to buy it. It would have saved me a few hundred bucks. Boy I feel stupid. Oh well, you cant win em all. Lots of the stuff I ordered was from @dickyho and so far it has all proved to be both high quality and reliable, but well see if that stays true. His customer service was absolutely excellent and I would not hesitate to order from him again. I’m more skeptical about the Mboards battery combo than I am about any of the stuff I got from dicky. I have already had a few issues with the FSESC 4.20 plus though. I had an issue getting it to connect to the sensor, and one side of the vesc seems to be having DRV issues, but it didn’t throw any faults, and it rides with no cutouts, so I guess its ok for now. Itll be the first thing to go though. This boards is absolutely terrifying. I got into eboarding as a college freshman after buying the original backfire G2 with money I saved up over the summer. At the time that board felt like the fastest thing on earth, but since then, i’ve had the opportunity to ride a few other boards, including a boosted. After seeing what there was to offer, the backfire board didn’t feel so fast anymore. Let me tell you. This board scares me as much at half throttle as the backfire scared me at full throttle when it was brand new. This board is as fast going up a 20% grade as the backfire was going down a 20% grade. With the gearing at 16/36 and a 170kv motor, the top speed could probably be higher, but it was enough torque to launch a 200+ pound rider and a backpack up massive hills. And I built it. So thank you eskate builders forum, for being an amazing, supportive place.