Newbie charging questions Balance vs BMS

I am building my first e-board and I decided I wanted a huge battery. 12s5p li ion 18650 cells. How should I charge it? BMS? Balance charger? I want to charge it slowly to maximize life of the cells. (Main concern) It will be in a permanent enclosure, and I want a charging connector in the housing. Round multi-pin is fine, I just don’t want to remove the battery every time. I know this battery will be painfully expensive, but I am a really big guy and need the range. Help me maximize the life of it! If there is a better solution as well, I am all ears! Thanks!

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This would be a great option, has a built in E-switch so you don’t have to buy a separate switch or use a loop key.

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Sounds good, I am definitely interested! I am not quite sure what my best option is due to my lack of knowledge, but I think that is what I am looking for.

I don’t mind spending money on something good because I am already spending so much on the pack. The cells alone will run me almost $300. If that is my best option I am totally for it!

Colson003, When do the boards show up? When should I send money to reserve mine?

Can’t say for sure, I didn’t order them. @mmaner is the one you need to talk to

I don’t have an exact time when they will be delivered. If you want one just PM me your email address and Ill put you on the list. I will invoice you via PayPal when they are ready to ship out.

I would definitely go for a BMS as it’s suoer easy to charge with once everything is wired up and it looks nice and clean. Once wired it’s plug and play charging