Newbie completes first build and test ride

I am 46 but grew up surfing skating and snowboarding. I wanted the deck to pay homage to Gordon and Smith but I also liked the racing stripes of evolve. Orange accents, green caliber 2 trucks and black evolve 83mm wheels on a plain drop deck. I am just here for kicks so the battery is 10s 2p from Chi, focbox, bkb motor, mount, and pulley. Finished with a psychotiller enclosure. Thanks :pray: to you all for all the advice along the way. Already have some ideas for my next build. Took my first test ride tonight. What a blast. imageimageimageimageimage


good looking build, pretty impressive for a first one.

how’s it ride?


It was great. Felt solid, good speed and good on the up hills.


Wow! Looks amazing build!! I’m waiting for the parts to come in hopefully next week. Good to know your young 40s like me. My wife told me your to old skateboard

Took my first long ride today on my DIY build… 8.5 miles around the art museum and kelly drive in philadelphia. Kudos to CHI battery, I started with 95% and ended wirh 20% remaining. I am 215 lbs, so I am guessing this battery could do 10-11 miles on a full charge no problem. As advertised thanks Bara… Thanks…

you should join up with the philly e-riders group on facebook. We meet occasionally. There’s not many of us but we usually meet around that spot.