NEWBIE - Liftboard Wont connect the controller

Hello, i got a liftboard single motor as a gift after a few months riding i tried to connect my controller but it wont connect. I have zero experience with ESK8 i start to read and decided ask for help. I attached a picture from the ESC (I guess)

I don’t know any of the details from the board.

Can someone give me the details off the board (if its a ESC/VESC) ?

Can i just buy another transmitter and change it?

If its only the transmitter replace which one do i need to buy? any other cables that i need to buy as well?

How can I know if its not the transmitter and i might need i new VESC ?

Thank you HBS


PLEASE HELP. I need the answer to this aswell but nobody has replied. Have you solved this and were you able to replace the controller?

So turn on the ESC. Press and hold until it flashes. Turn on remote. Push little button on remote. Should be good. I think.