Newbie question, probably first but surely not last ! :)

Hey guys ! I’m trying to dive into this crazy and fascinating world of ESK8 DIY. I have been reading a lot, I wanted to go in a path of experimenting.

To do that, I had intentions of purchasing ESC and motor/s and a TX/RX remote to control stuff. My question is , can I use for the sake of R&D an external power supply connected to the AC power in order to provide a 36v to the ESC/motors without using a battery or instead of a battery?

What kind of power supply do I need ? I want it to be adjustable (Voltage / Amps) if possible. Also, I didn’t see much power supplies that provide more than 5A with say 40V , will this be enough current to provide to the ESC/motors circuits to do anything ? I see that most motors / ESCs are running in much higher AMPs. Any recommendations for correct power supply to convert regular outlet AC power to a ESK8 typical circuit needs will be appreciated :slight_smile:



If you are not going to load the motor/wheel you will be ok, because unloaded motor consumes more than 5 Amps usually only during acceleration.

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When testing my motors on the bench with not belts atrached, they pull 28a impulse and 7a running full speed. A power supply would be way to big and expensive for that to work. Your only good choice is to use the battery.

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