Newbie Questions (Simple to answer)

  1. Are chain drives better or worse (pros and cons)
  2. How do you wire a 4 wheel drive e board (Do you need 4 vescs… etc.)
  3. Is There only 4 ways to arrange motors (Dual, diagonal, mono, AWD)
  4. How common are each (from question 4)

I know these are stupid questions. Sorry!:relieved:

1- Depend on the motor, but satelite configuration are most common, and hub are more stealth 2- yes you need 4 esc (or vesc)

3- there also the flintstone technique or regular longboard 4- most common are mono and dual rear drive

2- How would you connect 4 esc’s? Would you splice the can cable from the main VESC A to VESC B for 2 vescs to 4 byy doing VESC A to VESC B/C/D?

U need to connect them via can bus, then give them different address

like this?

Who has a diagram of a 4 wheel drive?

What is a satellite configuration (1) and what is (3) the flintstone technique or regular longboard motor ways to arrange motors?

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I have an even noobier question, how do I make my own thread? I can not figure it out for the life of me

How long have you had an account?

Probably 2 months

It says + new topic on the home screen.

Where at? I dont see it. maybe I need to post more?

Could you defeat your posts of this thread, they are very irrelevant…

You need to read more as a member. @NewbieBoardBuilder a satelite configuration is with motor and pulley (is just a fancy word) and dor the flintstone technique ask @lowGuido

Then your answer to my first question made no sense…

Pros and cons are still to be determine since the best of hub motor are still to come.

Let me rephrase the question, is a chain with gears or a belt with teeth better…

@NewbieBoardBuilder Maybe you should use the search function. There are countless threads on chains vs belt.

What is the flintstone technique?

The flintstone technique is using your feet to push @lowGuido