Next gen battery started production

These started production in January. Anybody have a guess how long it takes to trickle down to consumer markets?

They have more then double the energy density we currently have access to…


Hmm says all this but does not mention voltage. 60 amp discharge for one cell this very good for the electric personal vehicle market


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Based on the C rating and Amp values they are mentioning, looks like a 20Ah cell ?

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holy crap, 1000Wh/L? That’s crazy. The most I’ve seen is 600, using NCA chemistry. And even that’s not too common. It’s gonna be near impossible to get these cells, if it’s real the demand is gonna be astronomical.

You could realistically fit a 12S2P pack with this cell size.

This is using 18Wh/mi


Some boards have reached sub 10Wh/mi with gear drives.


Yes. You read that right.

We also are ignoring cell voltage, and if I remember correctly cells like this should yield higher voltage.

that’s not a back physical size format either. And with this kind of energy density a 1S would be ok and wouldn’t be nearly as saggy as current 1S pouch packs.


basically every now and then one “concept” comes up but none of them actually make it to production

I feel you on this, graphene hasn’t been cost effective to produce, other technologies didnt scale and the list goes on. This however is done, worked up and being manufactured. In 5 years time I’m sure itll be cost effective to buy for the consumer as well.

after they get the money from investors after a few months of “research” they say its impossible to make or something, and they knew it from the beginning probably lol

but who ever makes a battery even similar to this is going to be a one rich man


The a123 prismatic cells are the only thing close right now. Also the blue headway cells aren’t too bad but these new ceramic lice batteries will probably be so expensive it won’t be feasible. Nice to know that new technology is being implemented tho. Maybe a good company for investment.

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