Nickel strips for 10s3p samsung 30q?

Which nickel strips will be enough for a 10s3p 30q pack? Also is there a specific type of wire i need to route the bms to cell for the charger to work ?

@Vinocity you have been here on the forum for 8 days and created nearly 2 topics a day, most of them questions that have already been answered elsewhere on the forum. Please slow down and do more research before creating more topics. To answer your question - literally go to the search function and search “nickle strips”. There are already several topics with listings of good strips to purchase.


Sorry about the rapid questions man, going on vacation soon and wanted to complete my build before then… Nah but your right to do a little bit of scouting before asking a already answered question, sorry about that :slight_smile:

I don’t think just Nickel stips are enough to effeciently handle the Amps the Potential 60A.(3P)

I allways add more copper to handle the load.