Nickel strips for 20a cells

I’m planning to make a 12s 1p battery using LG HG2 18650 3000mAh 20A cells and THIS 15A BMS.

I’m having a hard time understanding what nickle strips I need to use. I’ve seen a few charts, but they seem to be contradictory.

Can anyone enlightlen me?

Note: The cells will be laid out in an alternating row, so the strips will be as shot as possible (about 18mm)

get as wide and as thick as your setup allows for. Also depends on layout. You might want to upload a schematic

Well, that’s sort of my issue. I’m planning on making a DIY spot welder. So I don’t really know how thick material I’ll be able to use. IE, I’d like to not overshoot. But beyond that, this is really just a learning exercise, so I’d like to know what is correct.

I don’t have a schematic, but as for as the nickel stripping is concerned it’s as simple as possible. Just alternating sells laid out side by side. I’ll attach a simple drawing to illustrate what I mean. schematic

assuming true %100 Nickel. and 10mm wide, .15mm thick should suffice.

Ive run 10A through a bare 6" strip at .15mm thick and 8mm wide. and it only got warm to the touch. Given the shorter distance, I believe bursts of 20A will not be an issue. If you want thicker strips without having to weld them. just double up

Any decent diy welder should handle .15mm Can you link the type of DIY welder youre building?

if its 1p youre going to really be pulling a lot through the cells and nickel. there’s .3mm nickel and even wider than 10mm. most people have 4 cells in parallel and rarely if ever get near even 15amps per nickel strip. youre not the norm with 1p and the bms discharge only with that low amp ability