Nickel Strips for Sale | EU

Hello Everyone! I couldn’t find anyone here in the forum who sells nickel strips, so I went for doing it myself and sell it for a good price to other people out there.

We’ve only got hundreds of 0.15x8mm well made 99,96% Nickel Strips which are made in Germany and are real nickel ones! We did many saltwater tests with it, where we just wanted to figure out, if it is real nickel or not. And it turned out very well. Me and my friends (who are working also as electric ingenieurs) welded many packs with it, that got very clean by the way).

Well, I think it’s time for telling you guys, why it might be important to order it from us;

•We’ll ship it to everyone who needs one, by letter (only EU).

•And wewould like to choose PayPal as the payment method.

•Fast shipping, because of PayPal as the payment method and shipping it by letter.

•Less shipping costs.

•Made in Germany.

•You can order 1m and if you don’t like it, you can send it back and you’ll get your money back! (but not, if you’re already welded it)

Price: -5m 10€ -10m 15€ -20m 25€ The price is actually cheap, when you compare it with other companies. And we get it for the same price as we resell it, since we always get a lot of it. It’s more for those who doesn’t want to get it for that much money as other companies sell it. Some people may will ask themselves now “why does they sell it for only 19€? -because other companies like nkon sell 10m of 0.15x 8mm nickel for 35€!?” And we can answer the question with: "Like we wrote before, it’s good quality and the price is at 19€ because we get a lot of it :wink: So it’s not a scam! But we don’t want to say things about other companies. They are also good and everyone can decide it themselves where to order it. Free choice.

So if you’re interested in ordering one, please pm me (us) :slight_smile:

(we’ll add more photos soon)

Greetings to everyone

IMG-20190824-WA0000 IMG-20190823-WA0023 IMG-20190823-WA0025 IMG-20190823-WA0027 IMG-20190823-WA0028 IMG-20190823-WA0031


Is there anyone else who wants to test is?

Still available

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