Night cruising?

Hey guys anyone know of a cool spot to cruise at night around LA?

Is there anywhere that is safe to cruise around in LA at night ?


No place is safe to cruise around at night in LA, unless you live in Irvine.

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i live near Hollywood and i kid u not do not ride at night en less u got some off terrain wheels because there is so many pot holes bumps that u need to see , that u cant even have fun because your worrying about hitting something, i have yet to find another esk8 user riding around and i ride alot

dtla has some decent bike lanes but pretty uneven so wouldn’t recommend at night unless u wanted to go slow.

where in LA are you in specifically?

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santa monica, venice, marina del rey, and beverly hills are all my nightride spots. i just got back from a ride down Via Marina from Washington Blvd in Venice. literally no trrafic, nice roads, nice houses, and quiet. doesnt feel like a crazy city at all down there

I only ride at night in LA!! :joy: i guess everything is relative…