Ninestep/Diyeboard/L-FASTER 8'' mountainboard/trucks/electronics review

Mh yes looks like all system is designed that way.

Well i will either split 10s pack in 2 parts, one 6s, one 4s (charging with hobby charger).

Or go for all in one solution with bms.

Just curious will i find suitable aftermarket bms.

How do u like the thin tires? They look tiny when i compare them to my primo strikers, 9inch, which ones i have on previous board

Finding a BMS should not be an issue, but from memory there is a difference between Li-Ion and LiPo BMS due to the min voltage until cell degradation (over discharge protection). Just make sure that it can be configured or is suitable for your type of cell. Bestech is recommended. Some use SuPower too.

The tires are fine for my purposes. I could imagine that traction could be better without the thin stripe in the middle, but the size is fine (most here run 8’’, including those using Trampa boards). I ride very rough terrain and am currently plowing through mud and sometimes a bit of snow without too many issues.

Older version of motor mount, but that’s typical of the riding conditions over here. Usually more holes and mixed with some larger stones. dirt

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Nice picture. Looks like rough terrain is not an obstacle for you.

Concerning road type / terrain, i hate to ride on rocky roads. Looks like no problem for you or maybe they are different texture than what i have witnessed

Small update. A video highlighting the play of the trucks. Notice the sound it makes just moving it around with my hand. It clunks along nicely off-road.

Only advantage. People hear me coming from miles away.

The tires and bearings are now done after 1300km in total (one tire is even warped slightly) . I guess not bad? Not sure how that compares to trampa.

Thanks for feedback. 'Interesting results. The ‘wobble’ on tire does look bad. Looks like cords / threads inside have weakened / broken

Parting with the board in favor of 574-black_600x600 Putting more money/time into the old board makes little sense at this point.

New pair of wheels is around 60 euro. New & better bearings around 20. New hubs around 70 euro. That’s money better spent on a new board.

If I replace the hubs, I have to shorten the axis and create new threads + I would have to buy new pulleys.

Will be interesting to see the difference in riding experience.

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Sounds wise. It did cost you a lot more in the end to rebuild the board…

Hi, relatively new member here. Bought same thing from diyeboard, minus the deck. I tried finding in the DIYEboard thread where they said 25A per motor… their is alot of junk in that thread. Just wanted to confirm thats what you were told bc i received an email claiming “It is 50A continuous per motor” a few days ago.

Thx, sorry if im not posting correctly or whatever correctly lol

Their ESC doesn’t do more than 25A per motor, because they pair it with a Li-Ion that is capable of delivering a total max of 50A. They don’t use a BMS for discharging, thus the ESC has been programmed to be within the safe levels so that the amp draw never exceeds 50A.

In other words, the ESC might be able to do more than 25A per motor, but it has been programmed to work with the kits they sell. That said, even at 25A the ESC heats up significantly to the point of failure (few reports of burned wiring). The performance of a focbox which truly delivers 50A per motor is on a whole different level, so I most certainly know the difference between 25 and 50A per motor.

Wow, okay. Thanks a ton man. Im a big guy(260lb, 6’5") and i was unimpressed with the power/torque/etc of the Mountainboard type setup FOR my size. Would prob be okay for smaller folk or reg skateboard. But not mountainboard setups… thx for your input.

I’m around the same weight actually at 1.90m tall. The trucks were highly unstable for me around the 30 km/h mark off-road , though I got it up to 50 a few times on pavement (with focboxes, lipos and SK3 motors). Switching to trampa stuff has opened my eyes to how good and stable an off-road build can be… But yah, it’s expensive.

Thats sad to hear lol. Especially after what all ive bought. My terrain is mostly crappy pavement and light grass in Texas so i might be okay for awhile with those trucks. I just bought the 6374 sk3 149kv motor, now i have to budget whats next… focbox and a decent battery prob. But that alone is like what i paid for everything else lol. I really do like the 3 speed of the remote though, being able to ride casually or aggresive. I know their are 2 speed remotes but im also nervous of Canbus after peoples reports of frying…so i was thinking of just going the mini route and using 2 recievers and sacrifice the speed “levels”… apologies for over commenting just not to many people can compare this product to other things im interested in. And i couldnt justify getting top end stuff before but now im hooked lol

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when you receive the board , when its was all stock part, does the spec of the seller were right ?like 20 km range and 40km/h speed?? Thanks :slight_smile: !

what speed and range did you get from dthis board ?

great review, bud. 5/5

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The original speed controller broke down after a few 100 Meters, so I never got to test the range with original specs. The battery lasted maybe 16 km after the initial vesc and motor upgrades, mainly due to the voltage sag.

There are far better choices available now, including completes.

So hello I am new here! I live in BC Canada. I am a kiteboarder and RC Guy. Well I used to be it seems anyways…

I signed up just to post on this old thread, as this thread is all that really shows up on a search to reveiw these kits or boards. After much consideration (rye and ginger and one night on this forum) I bought the L faster kit on (look it up if you care.) Why did I buy it? Because kite sessions are few these days with work and all. Also because I live in Canada and getting parts here is crazy expensive. Dropping 3 grand on a skateboard seemed a bit much (and cuts into my alcohol fund).

Now I do ok with work. I could afford a trampa or even pay a machinist to make parts for me. I could even purchase a 3d printer and make parts for myself! But explaining why I spent that much or why this 3D printer was in the living room making a stink for months to my wife would be extremely painful. More painful than this guys gripe with his board TBH. Super Painful… So I rolled the dice on a Chinese kit. …After all most everything is made in china anyways… right? You just need to be handy and realize that you are the customer service and RandD. Not much support buds! I expect nothing but a deal and a platform to build off of when I buy RC. I guess my background in fabricating and the RC hobby helped. But in all honesty I did not really need to fall back on it much…(but I guess there was that getting this thing together part come to think of it)…

More to the point of my post. I decided to post here to let others know that the Lfaster kit (referred to in this thread but not actually the OP’s product in question ) is actually working out great! It seems to have enough power to move my fat 200pound ass around at 42k on pavement (confirmed by tracking App). It even does trails and offroading very well too. I will add not perfectly. But that said I remember having to jump a bit on my mbs alex brown pro6 board with my kite to get moving in a bog. If I didn’t I would get supermaned as my board stayed put… But I could go on for hours about how and why. So to the meat …and no potatoes… Its Keto mania after all these days!

The $600 Cnd L faster kit comes as advertised not perfect.(Coughs) like most build threads on here…:wink:

So what I did to fix that…

  1. Take it all apart and loctite, grease and tighten everything!

  2. Add O rings to the spring seats and yellow mbs eggshocks to the trucks. (Orange is too stiff IMHO I like to carve)

3.Beef up all the hardware with bigger and better marine grade stuff where I could.

  1. Add a heat sink to the PCB board. Seems to help

  2. Glue the riser pad to the trucks with super 77. stops it from relying on just compression to hold it there. Less potential unwanted movement.

  3. remove them dumbass motor covers and add a custom made brace that all these builds seem to have…

  4. Drilled holes in deck to allow for longer dog point grubscrews from better truck spring adjustment.

Some of these mods I had to do on my MBS boards in the past already. Like that slop found in the kingpin as described by the OP… yep MBS Too…

Now I built my own batteries from some recycled bus lipos from ebay. At first I thought it was a mistake (drunk Ebaying). So I bought some HRB 5000mah to try out (more drunk ebaying). They seem to heat up more than my homemade job 8000mah bus batteries. So them bus batteries are better. Even though they are huge…

I stuck the works on my MBS jeep renegade board from 2005? (Bought so many dead brain cells ago)… I put a 120 Amp fuse inline to the electronics. The electronics are in a water sealed case. And batteries ride inbetween my feet in a bag. Standard esk8 stuff.

The “all in one” electronics inclued in my kit… (reciever and 2 speed controllers in one) is something my RC hobby experience told me to stay clear from. But the price was right. So I went with it. I am happy to report the unit has functioned as it should. I believe the specs of this L faster speed controller are better than stated in the OP’s reveiw. Closer to the advertised specs he stated. I have had no issues with the remote or connection to the board. But I mostly ride on closed golfcoarses and trails (no real interference out there)

Now all said and done I like to think I am into this for $1300 CND. (Why did I do that…I bought my first steet bike for that!) I waited a month for parts in the mail. It took 2 weekends to put the thing together. So for that cake and time I got a 42kph board with 21000mah of 10s batteries and a dual bank AC/DC hobby charger. Not bad. Really. Best part is I am out riding and smiling… and still married!

I just want to add in closing that the original reveiw was a big help in working out the gremlins of these chinese kits. And the forum was also a big help in this endeavor.

Thanks to all for the help and sorry about them potatoes!


Enjoy the board. After all the mods, it was OKish. Still, nothing compared to my Trampa mainly due to deck stiffness, overal lack of stability and the awful motor controller (these have been abandoned by most if not all Chinese boards by now).

One tip, don’t ride in the rain or lube the hell out of those bearings, otherwise they will cease up in no time and it’s no fun replacing them.

Hi all. Flipsky now also have an AT truck kit with 11in AT trucks, 8in wheels. Comes with 6354 motors. I suppose these fall in the same category as the others in this thread? Anyone have experience with these?

Yes , It Is the same, but the motor mount has been improved.