NKON 30Q Cells - Anyone seeing bad cells?

Had a bad few cells through from NKON recently, thankfully not in a pack as I ordered these for my e-cig mod.

One died almost immediately and wouldn’t charge and I have 2 that stay warm for hours after charging so I stopped using them.

Has anyone else seen bad 30Q cells recently?

How did Nkon handle this from a warranty side?

Where they checked on delivery or layup for a while?

Ore they from the same manufacturer batch?

i had a parallel group of 10s4p die, but that was after about 8 months.

I didn’t bother with a warranty return, I put it down to luck of the draw


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Hmm not a great time for me to hear this as I’m building 13s10p

meh, it’s not like it takes forever to build a pack like that or anything so swapping out a few bad cells should not be an issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do want to see photos of the construction and finished pack - that is seriously impressive

i mean, they’re producing these by the millions, some of them are bound to be duds.

They should be doing some charge discharge cycles on them to test before shipping though…


for sure, clearly they discharge them to 3.42v but a defect probably wouldn’t surface until cells are put into use. just guessing here.

Yeah true maybe a higher drain on the cell could cause something to surface… strange still.

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What batch did you get? I guess I should keep an eye out :thinking:

batch: SDIEM


Hoo boy. I just ordered 150 of these from nkon. Crossing fingers they have a different batch number on them. :crossed_fingers::pouting_cat:

I bought 98 cells from @thisguyhere when he was doing the discount on them(no blame or criticizism intended at all, seriously. Like you said it bound to happen). I believe this is who he bought from, correct? And had one cell drop to 1V within like 5 charges, luckilly I have NESE so easy fix. But I couldnt and still cant get my pack to the full 50.4V on 12s, it stops at 49.1 everytime. I check each parallel almost every charge now.

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I had 2 p groups die, but the pack is almost 2 years old

When you order like 100 or 200 cells they come in a box from the factory, and the manufacture date is written, around 4 months ago i think i got the cells from November 2017…

yea, i source from nkon too.

hm…i’ll have to check my packs now too, been a while.

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That could be you’re bms

Whenever your bms is detecting issues it charges to around 90%

How would i check/verify that…? nonetheless, i did find a dead cell still