Nkon.nl import fees

I ordered 40samsung 30q’s and now they are in customs office

why didnt it write anywhere that they ship from singapoure and not NL or im wrong and it is written somewhere

Beware of this so you dont get ripped of accidently like me

Seriously ? They are based on europe they should put the tax on the price of the batterys

Try asking them since they show the price on their website as “VAT included” This however only means that the customs office can not charge you the VAT import fees might still apply depending on laws in your country as far as I know. When I ordered 30*30Q it way above the price after which you pay import fees (100€) in Slovakia and they did not charge me anything at the customs office.

Mine have always shipped from the Netherlands and I’ve never paid any import fees at all. I’m in the UK. Where are you based?

I’m in the US, but I just ordered over 100 samsung 30q’s from them… however, my shipment originated in Berlin, not Singapore.

Did you order from nkon.nl or ru.nkon.nl?

Exactly as overint has said. They have 2 sites, each aimed at either VAT based countries and non-VAT based countries.

I’ve ordered from Europe several times through ebay and an independent company. VAT is not charge for international shipments. That being said customs importation cost varies by country. I did not have to pay customs duties for the times I ordered from Europe. I live in the United States for reference.

Hmm. Mine was shipped from NL.

My 3 orders to Nkon have been sent from NL.

All of my orders have been shipped from NL.