Nkon no longer ships to US customers

Just letting everyone know, because this has caused me some time and confusion. Ru.nkon.nl and eu.nkon.nl no longer ship to US based customers. I kept getting an error on their shipping page when trying to buy some vtc4 cells so I emailed them. They responded with;


I am sorry we closed fedex route. It is to slow, to risky, to cumbersome.

Regards, Arjan"

I then asked if there was any way to purchase cells from them and they never responded…

Bummer, they had some really good prices. Hopefully this saves someone some time.


That really is a bummer. I have purchased 100s of cells from those guys

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Yea they have this stupid good deal on vtc4 for less then $2 a cell

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Yeah boo!

Got VTC5A for super duper cheap from them, didn’t mind waiting almost a month… Damn good price, quality cells.

So Arjan got back to me with verification, nkon is closed for US customers.

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Yep confirmed with Arjan that Australia is also off the cards.

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I got confirmation today my cells have shipped today via Germany to Australia…


When did you place your order? It seems this is a very recent decision.

There is Turmich on endless sphere who is well known there and sells VTC5.


Damn, wish i saw that earlier. Pulled the trigger on 48 HG2 last night

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Last weekend If I had known I would have bought a few hundred. We really dont have many option in oz. Alibarba my old go to option is more hit and miss (mostly miss) I have two packs of hg2 that degraded capacity after a few cycles likely fakes or B cells. I have 200 26650 but I am finding they are too thick for for down decks.

@Movation If you have an ABN, you can create a wholesale account with wholesale.techaroundyou.com

Prices there are on par with the cheapest I can find anywhere else with the bonus that they are local.

But until NKON figures out a different shipping method, I dont think there is anyone else that sells that cheap without ordering enormous quantities.

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First pack I ever built was from their ebay store hg2s capacity tested 2630 to 2880Mah likely original but old or B cells pack 10S3P packed a punch as far as current. Better than the littokala that test almost 3k Mah but heat up like little heaters if you pull more than 10 amps. I do have an abn. The cells I use for my business are mainly 38120’s a 200Amp 8-10k Mah capable cell way too big for esk8. They maybe ok for samsungs would love to find a cheap reliable source of 21700’s.

Hmm. I should probably get a battery capacity tester

My cells arrived yesterday.