Hello eskaters in Holland!

This morning I saw an eskater near Leiden Central Station, which bazzled me a bit since I didn’t expect a diy eskater even near where I live. So this made me curious as to how many eskate riders/builders live in or near Leiden?

This guy I saw had a one-piece enclosure and Abec 11 wheels, that’s all I could make out of it. Is this you? (;

So tell me, where in Holland do you live and would you be interested in a meetup sometime? Of course, if you have any other ideas feel free to put them here!

PS: I’m still building my board atm. Waiting till my battery enclosure arrives before I start drilling. Should be in this week.

Keywords: Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Oegstgeest, Leiderdorp, Alphen aan den Rijn, Sassenheim, Zoeterwoude, Voorschoten, Noordwijk

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Appreciate the efforts. But for the sake of this forum, translate your text to english. It would not be nice if everyone started making threads in their language. Greetings from Belgium. I could meetup too, it’s 2,5 hours away from me.


Good point. Will work on it this evening

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Checkout this post made by Boosted, they are organizing a meet-up at the 21st op September in Amsterdam.

Awesome! Hope I can get my board ready by then. Just sent my request to become a member of the group

Just finished translating (;

Man im all the way over in Eindhoven otherwise i would have come

De geksteee! Oké flauw

Shouldn’t be a problem for any meetups in the future (or sooner). I assume you are a member of the Dutch Facebook group mentioned above?

I also would like to come, but I am in Indonesia until November. Going to miss all the fun, damn sad!

Don’t worry! We probably won’t have snow just like the past 5 years haha Except for some rainy days now and then, we’ll survive! (; Get back in touch with me when you get back