No Acceleration for the last Quarter Turn of Remote Wheel

It seems like my board is hitting some sort of limit when I hit 3/4 of the max on my flip sky remote. Is there some sort of vesc tool setting which could be setting this limit for me? My board should definitely be hitting a way higher max speed with the specs it has. I can paste my vesc tool setting if that’d be helpful.

Are you using PWM or UART to control the VESC?

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UART I believe.

Check to make sure

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Yup I’m on UART.

Does the limit seem to be present at low and high speeds the same, or is it more pronounced at high speeds?

Does it feel like a speed limit or a current (torque) limit?

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Feels like a speed limit. The torque is absolutely there and that’s why I’m thinking it can go faster than it is currently. It accelerates aggressively then hits a wall at 3/4 throttle and maintain a speed of around 24mph.

What is your battery voltage (series count), motor Kv, reduction ratio, wheel outside diameter, and remote model number?

Have you ever set speed profiles?

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Battery: 43.2v 12s4p (180a max)

Motor: 190kv

Drive gear: 15

Wheel pulley: 66

Wheel diameter: 150

Remote: flip sky vx2

I haven’t set speed profiles before. But I have used esk8 speed calculators before although that was a while ago when I thought my wheel pulley was going to be 45t.

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You’re actually bumping up against the top speed of the vehicle.

If you make “Duty Cycle Current Limit Start” 91% in the motor advanced screen that will be about as much as you can do. There are many settings with those words, make sure it’s the “Duty Cycle Current Limit Start” setting. You also don’t really want that above 91%, and Max Duty Cycle should be 95% in most cases.

Only other thing is sacrificing range and torque by switching to a bigger motor pulley — or that smaller 45T wheel pulley.

Yeah your right it looks like the theoretical max speed with the 66t pulley is around 27–28mph so I’m not too far off.

Since my motors supposedly have a max of 80a how high could I safely set the max motor amp in vesc tool? Currently I’ve set it to be 70a but could I raise this value without damaging or decreasing my motors lifetime?

What ESC and what motors?

While increasing motor max will probably make it feel better*, it probably won’t increase the top speed [by much]. That doesn’t seem to be the bottleneck.

* “punchier” at lower speeds

Stormcore 60d and 6368 190kv 80a motors.

Probably somewhere around 24A battery max (per motor) and 90A motor max (per motor) would be my guess.

Perfect I’ve adjusted to those settings thanks! I’m also having a problem with inverting the motor direction. When I manually click forward in vesctool the motors move in the correct direction but when I attempt to move forward with my Flipsky remote they move in the opposite direction. Is this an issue with how the remote is communicating with the vesc?

Is it easy to swap phase wires or not? If so, swap any two of them on the motor that spins the wrong way. Then, IF you’re using sensors, you need to redo motor detection on that motor.