No Blue Light | Dual VESC | Nunchuk | Zippy 2x 3S

Sorry, I just edited my post for clarity. I didn’t mean a short between them but to either (or both) from the big red wire going to the battery (as you’d indicated before)

yeah gotcha, thx for clarifying

Okay, now that I (think I) fully understand how you had it set up, let’s see if we can get them resurrected!

So VESC 1 (what was originally your master) doesn’t turn on at all. No lights, no heat, but you do see 18V on the 5V can-bus pin, correct? I think this one at least has a dead DRV chip (it has the buck converter to supply 5V everywhere else). No way to fix this but replace it. @JohnnyMeduse is the DRV wizard in both name and practice.

VESC 2 (what was the slave) powers on, connects to BLDC-Tool, etc, but the USB jack itself heats up quickly and at that point it disconnects from BLDC-Tool, correct? If it doesn’t get too hot to touch, can you check if any other chip gets hot?

Right you got it! :slight_smile: for the slave vesc there are also someother components getting pretty warm like I can’t leave my hands on.

Which components exactly? (Don’t burn yourself!) Don’t worry about the names of the components; you can take a picture and circle them or whatever works. I’m asking cause I’d be surprised if it was the USB connector itself

So I feel a little concern about plugging the faulty VESC again. I would rather send it back to maytech in this state to let them confirm that it has a shorting…

That’s a good call if you can. I thought you’d taken the wrap off both. Go for it!

Right, I took the wrap off afterwards to take some metrix of the regulators… They are already saying they won’t accept the return…

Well just tag or PM me if they don’t accept it/you want to diagnose some more.

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