No BMS, add active balancing?

Since most boards have BMS bypassed, and only charging is used, for balance, could we use only active balancing, to keep pack equal? And, we could have the plug accessible, so that you plug in the balancer, as needed. This would eliminate the slight drain when asleep. Thus, you could have a balanced battery, no phantom power loss, and full discharge available.

The vesc disallows over discharge. The charger disallows overcharge, if relatively balanced.

Is this doable?

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active balancers are not good for out application, we tested.

check out the flexiBMS soon to be available to order for you.

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Can you tell me why they dont work?

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If you don’t want a full BMS, a passive balancer is the next best thing.

Check out these:

You can use the 3S and 4S boards in combination to make whatever S count your pack is.

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What S count your battery pack is? And please use JST connector.

I am considering an 11s if it fits.

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