No Compromise Urban Build | 39" Double Kicktail | TB 218 Trucks | Dual Vesc | 12S3P

This post will log this build as it progresses. This will be my 3rd board and the first fully DIY build. The parts can change if something better comes along, this is a no compromise build.

The part list so far:

These are the parts I’m still searching for. Hoping for suggestions:

  • 6355 Motors, sensored/ sealed
  • 12mm belts and pulley kit, 16T/36T (or similar ratio)
  • ESCape/ VESC6 (hoping to get two from @stewii )
  • Remote, may just use the nano remote again, but would like additional functions

Thanks for reading


Ech I was like this dude is really going all out but then I saw ESCape’s not VESC6 :smiley: But nevertheless build looks good :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. If I can’t get two ESCapes, I’ll have to look at another option, but I need some good reliability in FOC.

Are you still looking for those items?

Yep, just started this build. Basically need the whole powertrain.

Ok, I have a few items. PM me :slight_smile:

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Hey ~ cool builder ~! The rear truck is reversed.


The GT2B remote mod is pretty easy (only 1 point to solder) and it makes a nice remote if you like a trigger style. Or if you’re more adventurous the firefly remote is pretty sweet. I’m making my first one right now.

@LunarKim You are right! But nothing is mounted yet, so no worries :wink:

@clistpdx thats interesting, what do those trim pots do for an esk8 remote?


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You know, I’m not sure. I set them to a neutral position as instructed in the tutorial ( but the fact that mastercho’s design leaves the case open to these pots/knobs might mean they’d do something.

Issues with the ABS prints. I can circumvent the print warping somewhat, but I can’t prevent layer splitting when it’s flexed. My 6x9 build volume also limits experimenting with other materials/print settings. This build is going in a different direction anyway and will become my brothers board. image

Fortunately we picked up an excellent carbon fiber enclosure from @mastercho which happened to be a near perfect fit. Just have to reverse the motors and offset the height a bit. To solve this I’m printing a much more manageable TPU gasket that will seal the enclosure and provide the extra space needed.


More pictures to come when the build is complete

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Build complete


So this build evolved a bit over its construction, the final build used these components:

-39" double kicktail from skateshred -TB 218 trucks -107mm super fly wheels -TB extended motor mounts -170kv sensored sealed Maytechs -TB 12s3p battery -TB 4.12 vescs

I still ordered two Escapes and will use them and the unused parts in my other build.

This build had some challenges, mainly from ground clearance. With the standard TB motor mounts the hole alignment didn’t allow for a good angle to offset the motors from the ground (reverse mounted). The motor axles were almost in alignment the wheel axle, any crack or bump in the road could strike the motor mount and dislodge it. Abec 107s helped but didn’t remove the problem, it wasn’t until the extended motor mounts were installed that we were able to angle the mounts to be parallel with the kicktail giving much more ground clearance.

Its a very clean build in the end. The 3D printed rubber gasket worked really well to give extra battery space and help seal the enclosure.