No lab controlled power source for my VESC

Hi there, I’ve just recently received all of my parts for my first build (woooohooo) Now, i’ve been doing some reading on the setup of the VESC and I see it’s reccomended to get some kind of lab controlled power source. I don’t have any of these, nor can I afford to get one at the moment as i’ve gone quite a bit above my initial budget and I’m going to need money for food (Life of a uni student) I bought the VESC from the enertionboards website, not sure if that helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Enertions has been preprogrammed and tested, you should be fine running any source from 3-12s

You shouldn’t need to use one because they power it up to test.

So I can just connect one of my batteries and power it up?

Yes, most vescs now come pretested. The lab supply is on necessary if the vesc has never been turned on ever before. Since enertion now does testing (which requires them to turn it on), you will be fine.

Connecting a source powers it up

You can just get a 12 to 20V wall adapter, could find this at any thrift shop or getho electronics store. (Or even one your own electronic devices you don’t use anymore, read the voltage output on the back of the wall supply) Cut the plug and put a xt60 connector on it.

@robskie like others mentioned, you only need to use a controlled power source if it’s the first time you’re powering up the VESC after assembly. This reduces the damage that any errant electrical shorts might have. Since your new vesc has already been programmed with firmware and tested, you can skip this step.

or a battery and fuse (5A should work)

I’ve just always used an old lipo - something small like a 3s 1400mAh. perfect for configuring, and it sounds like i don’t need to do this except the first time… I was being extra cautious it seems.