No lights on focbox and wont connect to laptop :(

so i finally got my eskate going and took it for a spin, then the board just stopped accelerating or responding to the remote. so iv it opened up now and theres no blue lights on the focbox …the bt module is flashing…the remote reciever is flashing and connecting but the focbox has no blue lights and doesnt connect to the app on the laptop or show at all on the laptop. :frowning:

Best way of getting help is providing as much Infos as you can. That also includes some Pictures of the Hardware to see if it is burned or sth. else :wink:

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You soldered the receiver directly to the Focbox. Cables might be shorted there and broke it.

No the remote reciever came from enertion hotglued on beside the jst connectors if thats what you mean…

Anyway heres the internals…

What are those red and purple wires soldered to?

Check your battery voltage, and disassemble your focbox and take full pictures of it so we can see if something got fried or not.

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the red and blue wires are soldered to my charge port,loopkey,voltmeter etc. not to the focbox lol

It would be most helpful if you share the information of your setup and what BLDC tool settings you were at.

I think you’ve fried them or the Voltage is low for them

just disassembled it and pics added… battery voltage is 40.6 from the voltmeter

What’s your battery setup?

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10s4p 30q battery, 6374 sensored motor singe drive. i have the settings saved as i was guided throught he setup.ill find them think i was in. fried what? how?

Your VESC(focbox) could have been fried from an amp spike or something of the like

@stormboard1 Have you purchased the FOCBOXes from Enertion directly?

yep 2 from you a few months back

@stormboard1 you can contact Enertion Support for help. Email is [email protected] We will provide you options if there is any hardware or software damages.

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what options?

warranty on the focbox is 60 days it might be a candidate to sent to @JohnnyMeduse for repair.

Options about repair service or replacements Our tech team will examine the case and approve it