No longer for sale!

Selling some parts I’ve collected over time on this forum. Both new and used. Prices excl shipping. Buyer pay’s for shipping

2 new never used marcs mounts with dual idler. The longer version for pneumatics and 107mm wheels. 100€ 1 idler missing from pic. Don’t worry it’s a complete kitIMG_20180816_190317

Psychothillers arc v2 enclosure. Never used 50€ 15344371207601501709126

1 complete set of trampa hypa hubs+ trampa off road tyres 8" .Used but in good condition incl 2x 72 tooth pla pulley for 15mm belts. 90€ (Left pile) IMG_20180816_190157

Diyeboard airless tyre 6" new never used 70€

^ right pile

Onda board wheels. Kinda cool, have to check the diameter on them. Fits regular skate trucks and I have some pla pulleys for them. Give me an offer

APS remote. This is a good remote…never had any signal drop whatsoever. 50€ IMG_20180816_190332

Akhulat’s X- thingy thing oldschool mount 2psc 25€

I’ll add pictures later tonight


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If the Marc mounts are for tb 218 trucks I’ll take them.

They are. I’ll reserve them for you and send later today

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Upup to the top

Price for all? Would make life easier for you.

Bulk price for everything or what do you mean?

Yes, including shipping. The airless do fit on the tyres with pulleys right?

Oh you keep editing :slight_smile:

The trampa tyres with pulleys, and marco mounts

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I didn’t noticed I forgot to set a price for trampa set. Airless dosen’t fit on trampa hubs. Marc mounts are reserved for the moment. I’ll update everything again at my lunch brake

Ok, nevermind then. The inches appeared afterwards too :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with the sale!

Nope they always been there :smile: Thanks!