No Longer Just Gauging Interest: Maytech 100A ESC Group Buy

UPDATE: Clearly plenty of people are interested, so i’m moving this into the Group Buy category and will set up the product link this weekend and update this post with it. I’m kind of excited to see what’s in them, although i’m pretty sure a lot of us have a pretty good idea already based on the comments.

ORIGINAL POST (with minor edits)

I want to know how many of you would be interested in trying out one or two of Maytech’s new 100A VESC 4.x based ESCs with integrated heatsinked enclosure at a discount.

Minimum order quantity would be 20, so i need some people.

The point of this is to get feedback from the community so we can decide if it really is a decent part or if its crap. I don’t have the ability to test more than one or two of these, so i thought maybe some of you would like to help me, and help the community in general make better decisions.

Price would be $130 per unit plus shipping with a limit of 2 per participant, i would set up a hidden product on my shop and send the link to anyone interested if there is enough interest.

anyone interested?


I would be intrested, for some stress tests.

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I might be interested in one or two, could we get some some more specs on them? Are they just normal VESC’s with metal heatsinks or are they reformated and modified like the FOCBOX? Also I’d be putting them on my Hub Motor build so it would be a good test of the ESC’s for hub use.

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Im down for 2, Ill put them through the paces and see if they are any good.



Specs are as follows. This is directly pasted from the email they sent me:

With high quality aluminum case, better heat dissipation Dust-proof and splash-proof Compatible with sensor or sensorless motor Cont. Current: 100A Burst Current:280A BEC: 5V/1.5A Lipo: 3-12S Case size: 71.5mm(L)x45.8mm(W)x18mm(H) Sensored or Sensorless operation Great start-up torque with sensorless motors Soft-switching to reduce the losses in power electronic switches Separation of low power electronics from the high power electronics, make it more reliable.

The size is interesting. It would seem to be smaller in width than a focbox but longer, so i beleive this is just a modified 4.x form factor in an aluminum case. We won’t know anything for sure until we all get our hands on them and crack them open.


I would also be interrested :slight_smile:

I just came across a similar deal. These flipsky VESC 4.xx look extremely well made, and they’re $90 for the ESC alone and $109 for the ESC with a really nice heatsink. They messaged me today and said they’ll be releasing a HW 6 VESC this weekend for $188 and also be coming out with a dual VESC 6.

This Maytech looks pretty nice though… Both seem like pretty well built version 4’s.


Thats just a 4.12v case with a case?

Maytech is completely differrent

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They’re both version 4.xx aren’t they? Both have an aluminum case/heatsink… Not seeing the major differences. I could be totally wrong though, I just wanted to mention this, I found it yesterday.

This one is based on the VESC 4.12

you are. maytech 100a vesc supports 100a contant and 240 burst. the flipsky is a regular v4 vesc w/o mod BOM so it supports 50a MAX.

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Ok cool. So it says ‘lipo 3-12s’. If it’s 100A shouldn’t it be able to handle much more than 12s? That would interest me :smile:

Maytechs 4.12 VESC also said this, I doubt it

Lipo: 3-12S

The FOCBOX and VESC 6 are 60A continuous, right?

12s isn’t about amps regarding the VESC, its about voltage. Do some searching, all, the info is out there, this thread has a different purpose.

Your right, what was I thinking asking a question about an ESC, in a thread about wanting to learn more about an ESC, in a forum that is specifically meant to help people learn about building electronic skateboards by, heaven forbid, ASKING QUESTIONS…


My question is will it be fine with Li-ion not just Lipos?

this could go with lipo or li-ion all the same. could go with lead acid

does this do foc?

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If you have a long enough cable you might even run it off a laptop power adapter.

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