No more free speech on the forum?

So some one posted about the services of entertioms first reptor with concerns for the second and onloop closed the thread. I think it’s bullshit and I also think that he has given almost no real specs on the new raptor 2 besides these hubs supposedly being so magical they will be the best. @hummie I believe questioned the specs and he replied with just wait and see but before I drop 900 or even 1500 on a board I wanna at least know the specs of it

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things like this are why this forum exists…and why its a conflict of interest for a owner/seller to also mod a place that is meant to be open.

there are other forums that exist where this type of thing wont be a problem and you won’t get sales people disguised as “users”.

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The title it absolutely true but does not reflect the real situation well enough. There was NEVER ever free speech on this forum. It is heavily moderated by enertion from the day 1. If you write something that His Majesty doesn’t like it gets flagged or closed in no time. That’s why I like endless-sphere so much more. But it runs shitty old phpBB.

Still I believe in the power of the community. If this moderation becomes more and more of an issue, we can make a revolution (just fork this forum and run it openly with proper moderators who are well respected members here)

@rmrf @saul agree on both i tend to ask a ton of questions but would like to feel I help at least a few boobs out on here. Opinion matters and with everyone hyped about the new raptor 2 I think they forgot about all the previous promises Jason has made and failed to meet. It’s easy to talk but harder to make good on ur words. I personally would at least like some motor specs, how do we know they are truly better than hummies? Besides the fact that they have a 6372 stator or something

I may have purchased a domain recently…but shhh… :joy:


@willpark16 why you are even asking this? I would never buy anything from the company with so awful customer care and bully attitude. All the innovation is bullshit. CarvON3 + VESC6 will easily shred these little rapto-reptiles to pieces. Read, study and build yourself, do not buy overpriced shit.

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Another poor thread closed like a boss

This is good read as well

This thread will be locked or deleted as soon as he wakes up. I have had it happen before. As long as he pre-sells the Raptor 2 that will give him 6 or 7 months to get it finalized.

Yea personally I don’t think he won’t loose money on a new product and selling at this first price show how much markup there is on this board outrageous.

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Agreed but I’d rather spend 1600 on something that works rather than a discounted 900 on a product that haven’t even been tested

Everyone’s exited to hit the purchase button but have you even seen it work?hahahah all I’ve seen is him lay the parts on the desk and talk shipping time and stators but nearly no mechanical talk

Photoshopped promo video’s :stuck_out_tongue:

honestly, this forum is more open than closed. I have spoken a lot of crap about enertion (when I feel something is said by Jason is bs), and never had any of it removed. Threaten to be banned, but not removed, lol.

It is what it is though. I thought it was shaddy when he started advertising enertion products on the top of the forum like he has, where no one else can advertise but him.

Inh theory, his products are solid. But IMO, there’s poor manufacturing, which bring him down. This is why I think chaka has yje right idea by making his freeride boards in house and not outsourcing the work to china. You can quality control the entire process when you do the work. You can’t quality control it when it’s sent to some factory in china… And that will be the fatal flaw of the raptor 2.


As a mod of the forum I’d like to mention that the reason complaints get flagged is not to limit free speech. It’s just annoying. People come here for information, we tolerate some complaints but remember that these threads are all public. If you have complaints we suggest contacting the vendor unless it is something you feel the public should know.


The complaints against NRtion vs. other manufacturers - both items and services - are handled differently. There are a lot others could learn from those complaints! Even simple (or re-edited) comments are wiped out from here.

R, J.

Insted of complaining you should take a closer a some build around here :wink:

haha sorry bit confused by that statement mind claryfying for me?

10 char…

Closing a thread isn’t the same as censoring it… it’s still available to read, closing it just means no further commenting will be added, which is a strategy we use to keep forum threads on-topic.

@willpark16 I’m a mod here on the forum and no one has ever instructed me to treat comments about Enertion differently than comments about any other vendor. I volunteer my time to help keep the forum running because the help and support I’ve received on the forum is valuable to me. I think that all of the other mods feel the same. None of us work for Enertion (except for Jason of course).

A lot of people come to the forum and treat it like a public customer service portal for Enertion products; they vent frustrations, complain about shipping delays, etc. When we (the mods) see posts like that, we have to make a judgement about whether the thread will provide value to current or future readers. We try to reduce clutter so that the meaningful content can prevail.

I’ve read nearly every thread in its entirety on this forum, over 9,300 posts, and with that perspective I’ll tell you that there are plenty of criticisms of Enertion on the forum. They aren’t deleted. Which I think is more than fair since Enertion fronts the bill and started the forum in the first place.

On any forum there are going to be disagreements about what kinds of threads are allowed. I don’t think it’s a fair or accurate assessment, @willpark16, to declare that the forum isn’t open to all on-topic discussions.

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