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So after building a 12s hummie hub beast and bringing it to school every day, I decided that I don’t want to lug around a 24lb board all day. This is ment to be a lightER board while still having plenty of power.

All that I have right now are the Surfrodz TKP 177mm trucks with 80mm extended axels from @FranciscoV and the unity from my other board. So I put the trucks on my other board and they are so much fun compared to RKP’s. They are a little too loose so I will buy some riptide bushings. 20190405_214311

I also plan on using some 100mm wheels from eLofty when we get a mold and green light. If that doesnt go through I will buy some TB110.

The drive train will hopefully include the gear dirve from @moon for the TKP trucks and some maytech 6365 motors.

Some other things I plan to do are glass frit and a backpack from inboard.

I have a question about the frit. I feel like it would scrape the backpack up and everything else. I wondered if there was a polyurethane like material that can be cut up like glass frit and be applied similarly? Would it fut my needs and still be grippy enough?

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait for this :smile:


are hummie hubs heavier than belt drives for example?

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Im pretty sure they are slightly heavier than dual 6365 motors because of the thicc axel that they are mounted on.15545766985123103375699175629968

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Any progress…

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Yes!! I need to transfer this over to the other forum and I will update it then!