No power to mini remote reciever

Yesterday it worked fine, today I was doing come cable menagment while the vesc was on and I plugged it out so there were less wires everywhere And now when I plug it in Im getting no light or anything

Plugged into channel 2 and the right way round?

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Yea I recycled the plug from a pc fan so it can only go one way, it worked yesterday so… Idk anyone else had this issue?

Plug it in to ch 1 see do u get power I had 1 would only power up power was on then plugged into ch2 Might be just a broken solder joint

Will that after I come back from my skii trip

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Did u sort this

Im back home in tuesday

this happened to me few months back. Went on a ride, stopped for a little bit, then the receiver doesn’t power up anymore. I just assumed the receiver died. Doesn’t that happen sometimes?

The thing is that it wasnt turned on for more than 5minutes