No PPM signal found on FSESC 6.6?


Just received my FSESC 6.6 and connected it to the battery, motor and PC. Updated the software to ESC and used the wizard to spin the motor. Then next to input settings, I use hobby receiver and connected it to the servo port of that ESC, I bind the receiver to TX and set up the VESC Tool for mapping, but I receive nothing. I connected the oscilloscope and see a clean PWM signal from my receiver going to the ESC. What is wrong? Settings are in the pictures.pic1 pic2

I have red few topics of this same issue but nothing has solved this. Even a topic where “something unknown” happened and it started to work suddenly. What excactly I should try to make this to work ? Is the new board already fried, broken from the factory ?


Change your control type under ppm general to current no reverse braking and apply your app settings.

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Hi, I did that now, settings are now like this, updated the app, but no change, no PPM signal when I move the throttle up and down. What is the signal amplitude requirement?, is 3,3V signal level high enough ?



Are you sure your on the right channel? And have you tried flipping the ppm cable on the receiver?

“right channel” ? You mean right channel on my receiver? The scope picture is taken from the ESC PPM connetor and it responses to my throttle on my TX, so yes I’m sure it is the right channel. “Flipping the cable”?? other way around?, so GND to signal and vice versa? No I did not do that, why would that help? that would mean that the documentation on FSESC is incorrect, so signal pin is not the pin which is marked on their documents ?

Yeah have you tried plugging the cable into the other channels yet?

No I did not see that necessary as my current (throttle) channel produces the PWM signal identical as I expect to get from other channels. But I will try that for curiosity. I wonder since the FSESC specification is so simplified, what is the threshold voltage of that PPM port on ESC. I have 3V3 signal, assuming it is enough, but is it? I will try to use a receiver which output 5V signal… if I have any… else I need to build a converter…

Did you turn ppm pulsemapping on?

It seems it’s still off on the picture.

That’s because PWM and PPM are different types of signal. You receiver produces PWM signal, it has outputs for each channel. PPM signal encodes multiple channel in one and than transmits by one signal wire. You need a PWM to PPM converter.

hmmm…good question… based on my study, that means the output drive to be off not the mapping, is that correct ? However I tried many combinations and couldn’t find that have any nfluence.

According to Flipsky web page, they had an example how to control their ESCs with Arduino, and they presented simple PWM signal produced by arduino to control FSESC.

Just my thought, first, why would ESC need a PPM signal, they only use one channel for throttle information… and second, their documentation says “servo” signal which is always PWM to directly control servos.

In that page they use 5v signal level. So this might be a reason, as you mentioned before.

The esc outputs 5v…

FSESC outputs 5V yes, but when you feed the receiver with 5V its inner regulation regulates it down to 3V3 or at least lower to get a proper voltage for its receiver circuitry. Therefore it produces 3V3 on its output as well. I dont have VESC schematics right now, nor I have FSESC schematics, is their input stage somehow altering the input signal, or is their MCU running on 5Volts ? Typically 5V MCU can read 3V3 signals as “HIGH” but perhaps there is some sort of stage that damps the signal…

Well at least a small progress. I made a converter that converts 3V3 signal to 5V and now ESC reads the pwm signal input. But that’s not all…

I used previously the wizard to read the motor parameters and could spin the motor via the wizard, and now I did it again, stored the settings, configured all voltage, current and wattage limits as my system is. Now that input signal is present and set; low = 1ms and high = 2ms motor won’t spin. It gives knurling, whining sound but no spinning no matter where the throttle position is, not really pulling any current either. Now what can this be ? If I use the arrow keys to operate the motor, the same thing.

update1: I help the motor to spin it with my hand and suddenly wheel chopped quite violently, once, twice and then halted… then I tried it again and same repeats.

update2: Motor wizard has detected my motor to have 46 poles ! How could I verify this, My motor doesn’t have any printed info whatsoever. I tried to change it to 14, and it gets wild, cogging and bursting but yea it does something different… what next ?


I have the same situation with the receiver Frsky 8XR.

How did you solve?

Thanks. Regards.