NoBus | Surge board | Enertion 6374 single-drive | Custom mount | VESC | 6s LiPo

So, I finally have enough info and pictures to post about my first build. I completed it on Thursday and took it for the first road test and am hooked! Did a few laps around the block with one of those trip-tracking apps like Cycle Tracker and clocked a 25.2 km/h top speed, without using full trigger!!

My components: Surge Rampage longboard Abec 83mm FlyWheels 3x 3s Turnigy 20C 5000mAh LiPo (have only tested using 6s) VESC Enertion R-spec 6374 motor GT2B transmitter/receiver Custom motor mount 16 tooth motor pulley 36 tooth wheel pulley 15mm HTD 270 5-M belt

My custom motor mount (taken from numerous designs as I don’t have the same trucks for other mounts)

The motor mount (welded part)

Wheel pulley with washer and bolts (took a bit of time getting it mounted straight for no wobble)

Wiring harness to connect batteries to VESC with Anti-spark loop.

The finished mount, after attaching the 2nd motor mount part to the welded part, as well as after modifying the mount to create more clearance for the motor pulley.

The semi-finished product! (using a make-shift Tupperware battery/VESC enclosure)

Initial testing is so much fun! Needed to get used to the trigger sensitivity, but after using it a couple of laps around the block feel fairly comfortable. Still haven’t used full trigger yet though, as it’s pretty quick! Still need to test range on a single charge, etc. Will update this post once I have those details. :smiley:


The bolts you use to attach your motor to your mount don’t look very “safe” :slight_smile:

Maybe use bolts with a bigger head ?

Anyway if it works,…

I initially had cap screw bolts, but needed space for the belt, so switched to countersunk ones. Also, define “safe” in electric skateboarding :grin:

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Ok, so finally finished the electronics and battery boxes late last year. Had them 3D printed, but took really long to find a reliable supplier. Also, if I had to redo it, would probably use something else, as they’re a little brittle (already had to use some PVC weld to fix cracks). I’ve used it a few times to get to the office, and a few times to the shops and back.

The max speed I’ve recorded is 37,69 km/h!