Noise reduction?

I noticed that when other people ride my electric skateboard that the motor is really loud. Its so loud I could hear it coming from all the way up my street. Im interested to know if there is a way to reduce the noise coming from the motor? Im running a 6s system with a VESC and a 200kv 6374 motor.

FOC mode!!

would you recommend using FOC? I heard of vescs breaking from using this.

We have build 7 skateboards mixed single and dual motor all on 6S all on FOC. It is super quiet :).

I run exclusively on FOC. I have 8 vescs in FOC and not one has broken. But they are chaka vescs, which means they are are beefed up and less likely to break in the first place.

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Will have to go this way, any difference notable other then noise reduction?

@ayospringroll yes FOC mode! Make sure to re-update your VESC firmware to reset everything before you try it. Some folks speculate that old settings from previous modes can interfere with the transition. Not sure if that has been corrected.

Slightly more torque and slightly less top speed, in addition to the massive noise reduction.

I, too, run exclusively on FOC. Two Chinese VESC’s on two separate boards and two torqueboards VESC’s on a mountainboard. All on 10s with no problems, so far. :+1:

Thank you everyone! I switched over to FOC and I am loving it! I got an instant noise reduction which is perfect. The only thing I did notice was the loss of top speed but I can live with that.

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I have one more question. If you were using BLDC before switching to FOC did you guys keep the same settings?