Nomad evolved double dip super carver (SOLD)


This is the culmination of months of test upgrades we conducted during the first year in business. We have decided to move away from the evolve upgrade market to pursue matters dealing with eMTB builds and kits. We have had fun changing this thing from the stock Bamboo GTX and we wish to pass it on to someone who will get enjoyment from it. As we make these changes having and riding what you sell is important to us. We will soon have a line of Demo boards ready to show built around the MBS like of decks and geared toward affordability and quality. We are confident that we can meet both and bring a different dimension to the eMTB movement. With a Cruiser style option (under mount) and a Jumper style option (above mount) components.

So a quick rundown of what’s in it.

Deck, the deck used is a Bustin board 39-inch Nomad double dip, concaved and open-ended. the original evolve Bamboo GTX deck comes with the purchase.

  • stock evolve super carvers trucks

  • stock AT wheels and hubs with 66t gear

image image 20190309_012729 20190309_012744

  • custom 63mm motor mounts (black)


  • evolve enclosure 19mm 3D printed riser


  • duel focbox


  • custom duel focbox heatsink (black)


  • Maytech 6365 motors 200kv


  • Metr Pro


  • custom 10s4p Samsung 30q battery pack w/ charge/balance BMS, power switch and charge port


  • integrated (upgraded) shred lights. Batteries removed and connected to a 3.8v stepdown. all light work off one switch but retain the High/Low and flash function on the individual unit. Ulta bright when powered this way.

20190314_233648 20190314_233533 20190312_190552

  • Maytech R2 split trigger remote (waterproof) with battery monitoring both remote/board and wireless charging

20190221_222604 20190221_222545

Some Pics

20190315_000414 20190315_000423 20190315_000446 20190315_000537 20190315_000548

Price : $1200

shipping is included in the USA, Not shipping internationally

PM me for serious inquiries only


That’s a really good price for that board. Probably nicest Evolve build ive seen.


Yea, we are not trying to Make $ on it just re-coup cost, The deck is kinda unique since they don’t make them anymore. Its a fine ride for sure…


Dang this is a deal! Shouldn’t last long

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Is this new or a test board?

The parts alone cost this much. Too bad i already started building a very similar board

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If this is still around in a week or so, I totally want it… Probably won’t be but I love that deck and been looking for an offroad board


This is EXACTLY what you were looking for in the evolve :0

E oh no I just saw the no international shipping… Maybe a forwarder?


Sent you a message I think this one may be perfect for me!

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This is a crazy good price. It’s has everything that one would want from a board.

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sadly I am from Europe… good luck with the sale

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Sold yet? I’ll be watching this until it is :joy: I get some more $ on the 18th and I’m seriously considering it

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Very interested! I tried to PM you but couldn’t. You have basically done all the upgrades I want to do to my current board and more.

Let me know if it’s still available. Thanks!

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It won’t let you Private message until you have been on the forum for a while.

Good luck with the sale. This a steal . great build

I figured. I’ve been lurking for awhile but never posted.

Thanks Guys,

After sorting through all the PMs and to be far I started at the earliest and worked my way down. A very lucky individual got it from Texas. I thank you for all the commits and prise.


We are open to building more on an individual base.

That particular deck may be hard to find but many more like it on the market

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Beautiful board! Congrats.

Yeehaww Texas .

Yeehaaawww me happy :slight_smile: A landlocked surfer…