Non abrasive griptape?

I can’t seem to find a place to buy this. This Etsy Shop seems relevant but no grip avalable, and no info.

i was thinking about a layer of thin rubber under my grip but hadn’t started shopping around yet. Anyone else have similar ideas?

Just use surfboard or snowboard stomp pads.

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I’m googling stomp pads, interesting idea if the griptape can stick to it. I was thinking about really wide foam tape or gluing a mousepad to the nose and tail under the grip, just enough that half of each foot can be on a cushion.

The foam in that video is probably a yoga mat. Too thick for sectioning but probably a nice ride.

You said non abrasive…why would you put grip tape over it?

“Non abrasive” is the title of the video, the softness is what I’m after. Rubber risers can only do so much.

I use this stuff around the edges and down the middle of my deck under my grip tape. Definitely a lot softer underneath the grip and can give you more curves to lock your feet into.

Also for cushion grip tape

@Wanderer Nice! Now I just need to find the size details. Is it 3mm foam rubber or something?

Dude…Foamtrack by Globe

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I got my kid a board awhile back and it came with foam grip instead of the usual griptape. It seems to be just your standard 1/8" adhesive backed foam. It works pretty well too. It doesn’t grip like griptape if you’re trying to do tricks or anything, but for just cruising around, it does the job just fine. Ride is a tad bit softer feeling with the extra cushion.

I have been experimenting with this a little bit using interlocking foam mats. I got four 2’x2’ mats on sale from harbor freight for like $8. I was going to use some double sided carpet tape to attach it to the board, but I’m not sure if it needs a layer of grip tape on top or not. The smooth side is pretty damn grippy by itself. I haven’t gone on any long rides yet but it feels like it should be pretty effective at damping some of the vibrations, without significantly compromising responsiveness and control.

Another experiment. Didn’t feel as good.


@Mobutusan I just finished my rebuild and added these home made risers. That 1/4" rubber is harder to cut than slashing tires (probably) but it’s really good vibration damping. I wonder if you could put that foam mat under your trucks for any benefit. Im sure it would compress when you tighten the trucks but if it’s not too bouncy it might work.

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I’m using these rubber risers and wedges for a little shock absorption. I’m pretty sure the foam mat is too soft to go under the trucks, but I think it will work on top of the deck.

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Email and tag a friend [email protected] If you are interested in 6 or 8 mm eva soft deck grip custom designed

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