Non electric boards

Because I want to show off mine and see some others. Weirdly enough, after riding esk8 for the past year or so (most of the time malfunctioning) I felt the urge to kick again and carry around a super light board that I don’t have to worry about charging. I used to use a penny board. I found out after riding the nickel esk8, I could no longer balance on the penny, so it’s no longer my always in the trunk board. (I’m in the city very often and parking sucks). So now that I’ve again upgraded to longboard esk8s, I even look at nickels as being a bit on the small side. Also more heavy than they need to be. Please follow suite if you’d like to strut your stuff on here.

Deck: Loaded Poke Griptape: stock Wheels: 76mm zombie hawgs Trucks: thunder hollow lights 147mm Bearings: Heady Shake (figured I’d try them out)


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