Nonused powerfull 18650 cells - 2018 Sony VTC6, VTC5A, Sanyo GA in best price on the internet!

Hello guys, I have few models of cells for sale in relative big amount and with unbeatable prices.

This is: Sony VTC5 (2600mAh/30A) 2018 year, Sony VTC5A (2600mAh/35A) 2018 year, Sony VTC6 (3100mAh/15A) 2018 year, Sanyo GA 2017 and 2018 year.

They are from not fully welded battery packs with missed spots and brand new. Thats why have them in 3 different conditions but all of them never been used, with the same nominal voltage. You can easy make battery packs from them. I give warranty for them! Accept payment in USD, Euro and GBP.

1 condition - with sign of removing weld on 1 side of cell 2 condition - with sign of removing weld on 2 sides


        SONY VTC5A 2018 - with signs of removing on 1 side   - 2,89$/each
        SONY VTC5A 2018 - with signs of removing on 2 sides - 2,69$/each


        SANYO GA 2017 - with signs of removing welds on 2 sides - 2,89$/each
        SANYO GA 2018 -                 brand new         - 3,39$/each

Im located in EU but can ship worldwide. 20181128_165826-1612x784




How many do you have?

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What part of Europe are you? Where did you buy them?

I bought them as not fully welded packs and manualy unweld. Quantity depends on models. Shipping from Germany.

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Looks good and it happens I’m in EU too.

No offense but almost too good to be true, and you’re pretty new member. Yet as long as you’re fair then great.

Anyone can vouch for @silaczdotoalet?

There is a guy on endless sphere that also sells similar cells


Yes, you can write by endless sphere :wink:

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Are you the guy from endless sphere?

Its my cousin

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Can you estimate shipping for 40 cells to US? (This is a fairly common case I think)

I think he means, if he wants 2000, cells do you have?


Are you in Poland too then?

As min shipping is from Germany

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Ok, I always wondered why this person didnt sell here because those cells above aren’t that bad for esk8


I bought my GA’s from Tumich on endless sphere, no problems


@rojitor VTC6 is the champion cell? has cycle life been good for you?

Lol yup. 10

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What you going to use them for?

I dont know yet! Maybe a few eBike packs. A few rc airplane packs. They’re useful for a bunch of my projects.

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You’re in Europe, but your prices have $ signs. What currency is this advertised?

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