Noob Battery Question

Hi Guys-

Have have been gifted 2 X Dinogy Graphene 6S 22.2v 3700mAh 70C Li-Po Battery…

Are these a good battery to build around?

What can i expect range and speed wise?

I have a 15t/72t pulley kit and the board is a trampa so 200mm wheels

@Blacksambo I haven’t seen many builds using these LiPo but there have been positive reviews made about the brand as a whole, see below for a in depth review of the 4s 1300mah

I think it would safe to say that 40C would be an appropriate safe discharge value.

The only problem to the LiPos you have is the range.assuming you wire them in series for the 12s setup.

Please can tell me your:

Motor config: two wheel drive, single motor etc. Motors: brand and kv Are you wiring your packs in series or parallel? What terrain will you be riding your board over? What ESC are you using?

I can calculate the range or speed if you want me to

i can´t say anything about the lipo qualitly, but with12s 3.7Ah on pneumatics you could expact 5-8km range if you drive not crazy and most time on the road/gravel

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Cheers for responding guys-

I have a trampa board with the 190-200mm pneumatics…

I think ill run in series so 12s

Ill be running 2 motors, dont know brand but 190kv. Ill be purchasing a Flipsky dual 6.6Vesc

Thanks heaps guys- im thinking ill return them and upgrade to 2x 6s 4500mah

You won’t get much range out of that either unfortunately. All depends how you plan to use the board really. That’s a pretty pricey setup you’re talking about there, might as well get some batteries to match it.

assuming you’re going 12s, 3.7Ah @ 12s will be 160Wh. pnumatics gets like 40Wh/mile, so range will be about 4 miles.


4miles?..damn…thats useless

Andy is your lipo man, he’ll be back to reply soon.

Other than that someone waaaay more qualified than me can answer your lipo questions, for esk8 application I have only used li-ions personally.

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Cheers guys…being a noob this is all quite overwhelming but thanks to this forum and the jedi minds that reside here hopefully mistakes will be avoided

Thanks all

8-10Ah are a good starting point and still not too heavy. Hobbyking sell tha 8 and 12Ah 6s graphens 15C. Some of the guys here use them and the hold up ok for that low C rating. Don’t get the big turnigy or multipower lipos, they not good.

In general the hobbyking graphens are good but expensive lipos. The 5-6Ah packs are sure better but in sum also more expensive, so it depends how hard you wanna go with your board.

I have the hobbyking heavy duty 5Ah 60c which is around 70€ per 6s pack. They hold up good for now even in 1P configuration without big voltage sag. 1P range for this pack is 8-10km, 2p than the double.

For bigger lipos i would recommend the tattu 14Ah 25C. It’s a pretty long lipo, but cheaper than the other lipos from tattu in comparison.

If you want even more range than that you might consider to get a LiIon pack instead. On big packs you just get more Wh for the same weight out of LiIon.